Artifact/The Turn

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Across the Universe*
All That I'm Living For
Anything for You
Artifact/The Turn
Ascension of the Spirit
Away from Me
Before the Dawn
Better Without You
Blind Belief
Breathe No More
Bring Me to Life
Broken Pieces Shine
Call Me When You're Sober
Cloud Nine
End of the Dream
Erase This
Even in Death
Everybody's Fool
Far From Heaven
Farther Away
Feeding the Dark
Field of Innocence
Forever You
Forgive Me
Give Unto Me
Going Under
Good Enough
If You Don't Mind
Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3
Instrumental 4
Like You
Listen to the Rain
Lose Control
Lost in Paradise
Made of Stone
Me & You
My Heart Is Broken
My Immortal
My Last Breath
Never Go Back
New Way to Bleed
Part of Me
Perfect Dream
Say You Will
Secret Door
Snow White Queen
So Close
Sweet Sacrifice
Swimming Home
Take Cover
Taking Over Me
The Chain*
The Change
The End
The Game is Over
The In-Between
The Last Song I'm Wasting on You
The Only One
The Other Side
Together Again
Unknown Title
Use My Voice
Wasted on You
Weight of the World
What You Want
Where Will You Go?
Yeah Right
You Got a Lot to Learn
Your Love
Your Star
* Cover songs

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General Information

Written by: A. Lee and S. Kirkland

Artifact/The Turn is the first track from Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth. A Metal Hammer UK review described the track as setting the scene for the album, with Amy's gentle soprano rising amid barely there, bubbling electronics.[1] The intro was written, programmed and recorded on Amy's laptop by herself in her hotel room on tour in 2019. She initially wanted to rerecord it, but was encouraged by producer Nick Raskulinecz to keep the original recording.[2] The Turn is a collaboration with Scott Kirkland of the Crystal Method.

Vin1.jpg We were on tour and I had this little piece that I was working on in the dressing room. I was kinda writing during the day and we had a show that night. But I was in my dressing room and I had this idea just singing along to it and sort of whatever came out of my mouth. I thought later, 'oh I'll change this', but it was just kind of pure, same thing with that intro piece, the Artifact part, that was me all by myself in my hotel room on tour and I kept that entire recording. I made those synth notes with the keyboard typing in a program and I sang into the microphone of my laptop. And I totally intended first to redo it and then when I was talking to Nick at the end of the album, 'I wish we finish this intro'. He was like, 'You know, it's got all those weird stuff in it, all those little artifacts - that's an audio term - just stuff that happens because of the weird microphone and just the whole situation you were in. I don't know, how are you gonna recapture that? How are you gonna recapture that pure moment?' And I thought about it, I listened to him, and I was like, 'You're right, let's just leave it exactly like it is'. So it starts out totally raw, just the real life thing.[2] Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg “I see the beginning of the album as starting from a Ground Zero place after a tragedy, and then, when the guitars come in, for me, that’s getting back up.”[2] Vin2.jpg

In a Mexican press conference, Amy told how the collaboration with Scott Kirkland came about:[3]

Vin1.jpg The beginning of the album there's a pretty dramatic intro that was a collaboration between myself and Scott Kirkland from the Crystal Method. He did this beautiful electronic landscape that just served as this just beautiful place to sing over and sort of set up what's about to come in the first proper song of the album. And that came about really naturally in a really cool way. We just met on tour and we traded numbers and I was like, 'If you got any ideas, you want somebody to sing on? Send it to me.' And we just were sending each other little ideas and then he sent me that one and I got this whole idea about this stuff that I was working on and glued it to a song and made it into a thing and that was really cool. Vin2.jpg

Amy was asked by Loudwire why "Artifact" and "The Turn" are split into different parts and she revealed the former is dedicated to her late brother Robby:

Vin1.jpg They're different songs in my head, it was kind of a decision about the first bit, the second bit and "Broken Pieces Shine," like where the track markers were gonna go. And that was a tough choice for me because I know the majority of people aren't really listening in order on a CD, a lot of people are just plucking out a song.

So I want you to be able to click to "Broken Pieces Shine" and just hear the song, but it so needs that build-up, that's part of it in my mind. So it really was just a decision about clipping it.

The first part — "Artifact" — that's me in a hotel in the middle of the night on tour in 2019, just recording into my laptop. I just had an idea. We actually kept it and didn't re-record it, which was really weird, and I didn't expect to happen. But it just made sense in the end.

That next portion — "The Turn" — that's a collaboration between Scott Kirkland from the Crystal Method and myself. We just sorta met on tour one day and made friends, and decided, "Hey, send me stuff! I'd love to work with you, okay I'd love to work with you." And he sent me a bunch of stuff, and I sent him stuff. He had that bit of music sort of, and I rearranged it and wrote vocals to it and that turned into that part.

I knew early on that I wanted that into "Broken Pieces Shine" to be the beginning of the album because of the way the lyrics set it up. The first part, "Artifact," lyrically is just a dedication to my brother. I'm just gonna put it that simply — it's a dedication to my brother.

And then when "The Turn" starts, it's sort of just like this calling-us-back, like calling all of the spiritual forces in the universe back to ourselves and collecting all the pieces of who we've been, who we were, who we are and who we're gonna be.[4]



Studio Version

Artifact/The Turn

Live Version

Artifact/The Turn [Live][5]

  • Performing period: November 5 - December 11, 2021; 2022


Underneath golden skies
You will always be there
In the mirror, in my eyes
You will always be there...

Where do we go now
That I have seen the turn?
Where do we go now?
Find a way to go back
To go back home
To who we are...