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EvThreads Reborn, or EvThreads Message Board, is a fan created forum. It was created by DannyCastillo (Danny's announcement) using ProBoards.com, a site to create free forums or message boards. EvThreads Reborn was created on August 7, 2012, shortly after the closing of EvThreads.com.

EvThreads Reborn, or EvThreads Message Board, has many themes available, including the Classic EvThreads.com theme.

In 2013, we learned that the domain for EvThreads.com was up for sale. The staff discussed whether to purchase the domain or leave it be. Through the course of the discussion, someone had already purchased the 'EvThreads.com' domain. Many other domains were still available. EvThreads.net was one of them. A member, who shall remain nameless until given authorization to share their name, from EvThreads Reborn bought this domain and had it redirect to EvThreads Reborn. We are very thankful for this members purchase.


As of April 4, 2014:

  • Total Threads: 1,473
    • Total Posts: 79,825
  • Total Members: 867
    • Most Members Online: 179
  • Board Staff:
    • Administrators: Admin (DannyCastillo) and CaMacKid
    • Moderators: AeternusAmatorius, BlackenTheDay, DeMarzi, Harridan, Himmelslicht, Kazlan, Lycrymosa, Mydnyghtamethyst, Squinky, and TogetherAgain