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Meant to describe something that doesn't actually exist. Generally refers to Evanescence music compilations released by independent companies.

Ultra Rare Trax Volumes 1, 2 & 3

In 2003, one of the more elaborate and competent compilations was produced. Ultra Rare Trax features most of Evanescence's pre-fallen era Demos and EPs in very good CD quality. The CDs come in Digipack style cases with Fallen era promo photos (mostly of Amy) and are of moderate professional quality.

The compilations state that they were produced by Wind-up Records "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE", however the presence of the last track on vol. 3 suggests otherwise. They were made in Hong Kong.

Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1

Track Listing - Vol. 1

  1. Origin (song)
  2. Whisper
  3. Imaginary
  4. My Immortal
  5. Where Will You Go
  6. Field of Innocence
  7. Even In Death
  8. Anywhere
  9. Lies
  10. Away From Me
  11. Eternal
  12. Solitude
  13. Exodus
  14. So Close
  15. Understanding
  16. The End (Outro)
  17. Give Unto Me
  18. Forgive Me
Ultra Rare Trax. Vol 2

Track Listing - Vol. 2

  1. Whisper 2002
  2. Everybody's Fool
  3. Anything For You
  4. Even In Death
  5. Farther Away
  6. Imaginary(monsters)
  7. My Tourniquet
  8. Taking Over Me
  9. Haunted
  10. Before The Dawn
  11. I Must Be Dreaming (see Bleed)
  12. Hello
  13. Taking Over Me
  14. Missing
  15. Surrender
  16. Bring Me To Life
  17. Breathe No More [Demo Version]
  18. Forgive Me
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3

Track Listing - Vol. 3

  1. Exodus
  2. Give Unto Me [With Lyrics]
  3. Goodnight
  4. October
  5. Listen To The Rain
  6. Demise (see Eternal)
  7. Anywhere [Origin hidden track]
  8. Farther Away [Album Version]
  9. Missing [Album Version]
  10. Bring Me To Life (Alt. Version)
  11. Breathe No More [Album Version]
  12. Forever Gone, Forever You
  13. Lies (Alt. Version)
  14. My Immortal (Piano Vocal)
  15. Understanding (Acoustic)
  16. Imaginary (Long Intro)[1]
  17. You

Not For Your Ears

Not For Your Ears
Main article: Not For Your Ears

One of the more widespread compilations. Contains most of the Fallen studio demos.

Track Listing

  1. Whisper 2002
  2. Everybody's Fool
  3. Anything For You
  4. Even In Death
  5. Further Away (see Farther Away)
  6. Imaginary
  7. My Tourniquet (see Tourniquet)
  8. Taking Over Me
  9. Haunted
  10. Before The Dawn
  11. Untitled (I Must Be Dreaming) (see Bleed)
  12. Hello
  13. Taking Over Me (long)
  14. Missing
  15. Surrender
  16. Bring Me To Life (original)
  17. Breathe No More
  18. Forgive Me
  19. You

Le Nouveau Gothique

Le Nouveau gothique

A strange little "greatest hits" compilation produced in Europe in 2004. It includes CD quality songs from Fallen and Origin, but the other songs are of low mp3 quality. Another CD printed in Mexico called "Evanescence The Best Hits" has the same track listing with a different picture.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Where Will You Go
  3. Bring Me To Life
  4. Whisper
  5. Field Of Innocence
  6. Going Under
  7. Anywhere
  8. Everybody's Fool
  9. Before The Dawn
  10. Imaginary
  11. Away From Me
  12. Lies
  13. My Immortal
  14. Eternal
  15. Tourniquet
  16. Wash It All Away
  17. Haunted
  18. Listen To The Rain
  19. Outro

The Forgotten

A rare compilation of demos and tracks from the EPs that was made in Germany in 2003.

Track Listing

  1. Anything For You
  2. Farther Away [Demo]
  3. Farther Away [Album Version]
  4. Forever You
  5. Give Unto Me
  6. Goodnight
  7. Imaginary [Two demos and the 'Mystary' edit]
  8. Bleed
  9. Surrender
  10. Lies [New Demo]
  11. Breathe No More
  12. Haunted
  13. Whisper
  14. Ascension Of The Spirit
  15. Forgive Me
  16. Solitude
  17. Exodus
  18. So Close

The Insanity of Logic

The Insanity of Logic

Another unauthorized compilation of demos and tracks from the EPs. Origin unknown.

Track Listing

  1. Given
  2. Whisper
  3. So Close
  4. October
  5. Solitude
  6. You
  7. Imaginary
  8. Lies
  9. Exodus
  10. Where Will You Go
  11. Forgive Me
  12. Give Unto Me
  13. My Immortal
  14. The End
  15. Understanding
  16. Goodnight
  17. Ascension Of The Spirit

World Name

World Name

Import CD Released in 2003 by Fullhouse Records. Made In EU. Origin unknown.

Track Listing

  1. Bring Me To Life
  2. My Immortal
  3. Origin
  4. Where Will You Go
  5. Even In Death (new)
  6. Lies (new)
  7. Away From Me (new)
  8. Solitude (new)
  9. Exodus (new)
  10. So Close (new)
  11. Tourniquet
  12. Hello
  13. Everybody's Fool
  14. Field of Innocence
  15. Breathe No More (Fallen Outtakes)
  16. Forgive Me
  17. Haunted

Fallen (eDeluxe Edition)

It's very rare album to find or download it. It's only found on Middle East and limited of 150 copies around the Middle East region. It based all versions of the origional release of the album, but there are some additional tracks.File:Dsd.jpg

  1. Farther Away
  2. Going Under
  3. Bring Me To Life
  4. Everybody's Fool
  5. My Immortal
  6. Haunted
  7. Breathe No More
  8. Tourniquet
  9. Imaginary
  10. Hello
  11. Taking Over Me
  12. My Last Breath
  13. Missing
  14. Whisper
  15. My Immortal (Band Version)
  16. My Immortal (Exclusive Track)[1]

Live and Rare

Live and Rare

Manufactured in Hong Kong in moderate professional quality, it contains some songs from the Coors Light Mountain Jam concert on August 30, 2003, with some of the Fallen studio demos. The back cover claims that it was released for promotional use only under license from Wind-up Records. The booklet and the inlay contain photos of Amy. On the back cover, after track 10, it's said: "Corrs Light Mountain Jam, Red Rocks Amphiteatre Morrison, co, August 30, 2003."; after track 15: "Unreleased demo versions 2001/2002 Different versions than on 'Ultra Rare Trax vol. 2'"

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Haunted
  3. Going Under
  4. Taking Over Me
  5. Everybody's Fool
  6. My Last Breath [has a piano melody on the last choruses]
  7. Bring Me To Life [with guitar intro]
  8. Tourniquet
  9. Imaginary [on this track are featured also the outro of Tourniquet and the intro of Whisper]
  10. Whisper
  11. Bring Me To Life [Demo version 2]
  12. Everybody's Fool [Demo version 2]
  13. Haunted [Demo version 2]
  14. Imaginary [Demo version 1]
  15. Taking Over Me [Demo version 2]

Fallen Angel

A 2004 live release from Switzerland featuring the Neu Isenburg concert (28.10.2003) with some bonus tracks from acoustic sessions and Rock Am Ring (07.06.2003). The CD comes in a Digipack style case with Fallen era promo and live photos (mostly of Amy) merged with forest photos and is of moderate professional quality. The tracks from Rock Am Ring are sensibly slowed down.

Track Listing

  1. Haunted
  2. Going Under
  3. Taking Over Me
  4. Everybody's Fool
  5. My Last Breath
  6. Farther Away
  7. Even In Death [misspelled as "Evan In Death"]
  8. Breathe No More [called "Be The One" on the tracklisting]
  9. My Immortal
  10. Bring Me To Life [misspelled as "Bring Me To Live"; it has the same intro as the Anywhere But Home version]
  11. Tourniquet [misspelled as "Tourniguet"]
  12. Imaginary [the outro of Tourniquet is featured on this track]
  13. Whisper [misspelled as "Wisper"; Amy sings the intro only from the second part]
  14. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana-Cover, Live acoustic version)
  15. Zero (Smashing Pumpkins-Cover)
  16. Bring Me To Life [correctly spelled]
  17. Tourniquet [correctly spelled]
  18. Imaginary [again, the outro of Tourniquet is featured on this track]

2004 - Fallen Angel.jpg

Special 2004

Special 2004 Front
Special 2004 Back

A German compilation of Origin songs and 2002 demos and tracks from the EP's. Released in 2004. Include a songbook with 4 pages of lyrics and a picture of the band.

Track Listing

  1. Untitled (I must be dreaming) [see Bleed
  2. Farther Away
  3. Zero
  4. Lies (Remix)
  5. Bring Me To Life (Original)
  6. Imaginary
  7. Anything For You
  8. Everybody's Fool (Remix)
  9. Haunted
  10. Understanding
  11. Field Of Innocence
  12. Exodus
  13. So Close
  14. Breathe No More
  15. My Immortal
  16. Whisper

In The Shadows

In The Shadows front
In The Shadows back

Another unauthorized compilation of demos and tracks from the EPs. In various websites in 2007, some in portuguese and some in spanish, those tracks were distributed. The Understanding live performance on The Open Door Tour may have grown the possibility of this release.

Track Listing

  1. Away From Me
  2. Bleed
  3. Anything For You
  4. Forever You
  5. Before The Dawn
  6. Surrender
  7. It Was All A Lie (see Lies)
  8. Breathe No More
  9. Exodus
  10. October
  11. Goodnight

Justice (2007)

Justice front
Justice back

Album made by a fan. Released on the Internet in 2007.

Track Listing:

  1. Anything For You
  2. Before The Dawn
  3. Breathe No More
  4. Bring Me To Life (Demo)
  5. Everybody's Fool (Demo)
  6. Goodnight
  7. Haunted (Original)
  8. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)
  9. Lies (Remake)
  10. Listen To The Rain
  11. My Immortal (Piano - Vocal)
  12. October
  13. Orestes (A Perfect Circle Cover)
  14. Surrender
  15. Taking Over Me
  16. You
  17. My Immortal (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
  18. Going Under (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
  19. Bring Me To Life (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
  20. Going Under (Melody Edit Remixes)
  21. Going Under (Metal Club Mix)
  22. Imaginary (Original Ver. Extender)
  23. My Immortal (Club Mix Instrumental Extender)

Beauty in Darkness

Beauty in Darkness front
Beauty in Darkness back
Beauty in Darkness CD

Other fake CD, released on the Internet in 2007. It has demos, rare tracks, acoustics and album songs.

Track Listing:


  1. Where Will You Go (Origin)
  2. Solitude
  3. Exodus
  4. So Close
  5. Understanding (Evanescence EP)
  6. Understanding (Sound Asleep)
  7. Forgive Me
  8. Listen To The Rain
  9. My Immortal
  10. Thoughtless
  11. Goodnight
  12. October
  13. Missing
  14. Farther Away (outtake)
  15. Bring Me To Life (Bliss Mix)
  16. Breathe No More (outtake)
  17. Forever You
  18. Lies (remake)


  1. Understanding (Acoustic)
  2. You
  3. Whisper (demo 3)
  4. Anything For You
  5. Imaginary (Monsters)
  6. Before The Dawn
  7. Bleed
  8. Surrender
  9. Call Me When You're Sober (Acoustic)
  10. Give Unto Me
  11. Going Under (Live Acoustic)
  12. Heart Shaped Box (Live Acoustic)
  13. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
  14. All That I'm Living For (Live Acoustic)
  15. Taking Over Me (Live From Cologne)
  16. Whisper (Live From Cologne)
  17. Everybody's Fool (Instrumental)
  18. Haunted (Live From Cologne)
  19. Weight Of The World (Live From Tokyo)
  20. Sweet Sacrifice (Radio Version)


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