Graeme Revell

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Graeme Revell
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Graeme Revell (born 23 October 1955) is a New Zealand musician and composer. Since the 1990s he has worked primarily as a film score composer. He worked on the Daredevil Soundtrack, in which he arranged the strings on the Origin version of My Immortal. This version can also be found as track #4 on Fallen.[1]

This is what Amy had to say about the above mentioned version of the song with Revell's strings arrangement:

Vin1.jpg It's not David Campbell's orchestration. It's someone else's that they used because they were using it in that movie. And that's the version you always hear, that's the one when you're at the grocery store when you hear me. It's my 19-year-old voice and that's always bugged me.[2] Vin2.jpg

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