Indigo Grey: The Passage

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Indigo Grey: The Passage movie poster.
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Indigo Grey: The Passage is a short science fiction film directed by Sean Robinson and written and produced by Jason Oremus and Garrett Coleman. It features Aidan Lok, neo-Irish dance troupe Hammerstep, and has received international attention for its soundtrack composed by Amy Lee, Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer. The songs featured are Resurrection and Between Worlds.

The movie's summary on IMDB says: "A young boy's discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality. Featuring America's Got Talent's "Hammerstep," a traditional Irish/hip-hop dance troupe, and nine-year-old Aidan Lok, who has a first degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and has won over 100 medals from local, national, and international karate tournaments."

Hammerstep uploaded the short film to YouTube on September 14, 2015.[1]