Recover, Vol. 1

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Recover, Vol. 1
Studio album by Amy Lee
Released February 19, 2016
Recorded 2015; Amy Lee's home studio
Genre Rock
Length 13:53
Label Amy Lee Music
Producer Amy Lee, Steve Lillywhite, Will B. Hunt
Amy Lee chronology
Recover, Vol. 1
Dream Too Much
Singles from Recover, Vol. 1
  1. "It's a Fire"
    Released: October 27, 2015
  2. "With or Without You"
    Released: November 10, 2015
  3. "Going to California"
    Released: December 1, 2015
  4. "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing"
    Released: December 15, 2015
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Recover, Vol. 1 is a cover album by Amy Lee that features four songs, the originals of which have influenced Amy musically throughout the years.

The EP was released digitally on February 19, 2016.


In a radio interview with 102.1 The Edge on July 23, 2015, Amy first made reference about recording and releasing cover songs when asked about new music[1];

Vin1.jpg Actually, the first thing is, I have been just for fun, going up there [Amy's home studio] playing with weird cover songs *laughs*. I'm going to record them, I'm going to finish them out, then I'm going to release them online coming up pretty soon. Just like, kind of one at a time. Vin2.jpg

The first cover released was Portishead's It's a Fire on October 27, 2015[2]. The second cover was U2's With or Without You on November 10, 2015[3]. The third cover was Led Zeppelin's Going to California on December 1, 2015[4]. And the fourth and final cover was Chris Isaak's Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing on December 15, 2015[5]. All four were released with accompanying music videos.

On February 19, 2016, Amy posted online that the covers have been satisfying for her to record, and announced that all four songs will be made available on iTunes and Amazon on an EP titled Recover, Vol. 1[6]:

Vin1.jpg Making these covers has been a really satisfying outlet for me lately. I get to play with music I already love and know so well, and instead of just singing my own parts over the speakers (like I've done for years with some of these!), I'm getting inside it. You asked for it, so I'm putting the first 4 on an EP for sale on iTunes and Thank you for listening, and thank you to all of the incredible artists who've impacted me. Vin2.jpg


Amy recorded the covers at her home studio some time in 2015. This is said in a radio interview with 102.1 The Edge on July 23, 2015. Amy is also shown recording the songs in the music videos that were released.


The cover of the EP is a photo of Amy taken by Eric Ryan Anderson, who also directed the four music videos that accompanied the covers.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "It's a Fire" (Portishead cover)Geoff Barlow, Beth Gibbons, Adrian UtleyAmy Lee 3:38
2. "With or Without You" (U2 cover)Daniel Lanois, Brian EnoAmy Lee 4:08
3. "Going to California" (Led Zeppelin cover)Jimmy Page, Robert PlantAmy Lee 3:23
4. "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" (Chris Isaak cover)Chris IsaakAmy Lee, Steve Lillywhite, Will B. Hunt 2:44

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