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Evanescence (album)

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{{quote|There's been a lot of writing going on this summer and I'm starting to get really excited. My good friend Will happens to also be a great producer, writer and programmer (lucky for me!) and we've been slaving away at some pretty interesting stuff lately... I'm not giving anything away just yet. Terry and I have been working together this week at my place just like old times and life is pretty good.<ref name="heyamy" />}}
In October 2009, Amy indicated that the new album would be focused on programming, drawing influence from Portishead and Massive Attack.<ref name="cadaminuto2009" />
During 2009 Amy co-wrote most of the album with [[Will "Science" Hunt]] in New York and Texas. The pair had crafted and recorded much of the electronic programming that was to be used in the forthcoming record together.<ref name="Leehasfun" /> Amy had also written some of the music with [[Terry Balsamo]] and [[Tim McCord]].<ref name="Spin2010" />
== The Lillywhite sessions (2010) ==
[[Image:AmySteveChadWillStudio2010.jpg|thumb|left|300px|[[Amy Lee]], [[Steve Lillywhite]], [[Chad Copelin]] and [[Will "Science" Hunt]] in the studio]]In interviews with<ref name="Spin2010" /> and Rolling Stone,<ref name="Leehasfun" /> Amy discussed the band's work with Steve Lillywhite and the creative process for the album. She noted that music would be a mix of "sarcastic aggression" and would have a distinct electro influence that was inspired by artists such as [[Björk]], Massive Attack and Portishead. The album would contain a "rainbow of sounds" with some songs amazingly heavy and others completely stripped down. The band were also aiming "to take synthetic and atmospheric sounds and find a way to blur the line between organic and synthetic."<ref name="Spin2010" /> They were recording about 16 songs and were "still working and...finishing writing here and there. Some of them aren't finished lyric-wise or writing-wise, but I really feel like it's mostly there." Some of the songs were compositions for potential film projects that weren't used.<ref name="EvBillboard2010" />
{{quote|This is a really, really, rhythmically driven record. So there’s tons of drum-programming fused with live drums; drums we’re renting a day at a time, like Japanese taiko drums.<ref name="Leehasfun" />}}
Amy also disclosed further information about the themes and lyrical content through Twitter.
== Album title and artwork ==
On June 22 , 2011, ''Kerrang!'' featured an interview with Amy Lee in which she announced that the new album would be titled ''Evanescence''. Amy revealed the reason for the album being self-titled:
{{quote|It's ''about'' the band; it's more of a band record. But I started thinking about it, and it's also that this whole record and the lyrical content and a lot of the things that it's about to me is about falling back in love with this thing, with Evanescence, with what I've obsessed over for a decade, longer than that. And it took me a minute, I definitely stepped away from it in a big way, and went, 'OK, guys, I don't know what we're going to do. I don't know what's going to happen here. Let's just live our lives for a while and see what happens next.'<ref name="mtvselftitled" />}}
== Tour ==
[[File:London November 9 2012.jpg|250px|thumb|right|Evanescence performing in London on November 9, 2012.]]
The [[Evanescence Tour]] (2011-12) was Evanescence's third worldwide concert tour. It began with a concert at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville on August 17, 2011,<ref name="mtvtourplan" /><ref name="blabberftwo" /> followed by Rock on the Range in Winnipeg, Canada on August 20,<ref name="rockrange" /> and Rock in Rio on October 2.<ref name="rockinrioind" /> The tour kicked off with a concert at Puerto Rico on October 6,<ref name="billboardscrappedmaterial" /> and the North American tour kicked off on October 10. It wrapped on November 1 in New York, later heading to the UK and Europe for the rest of the month.<ref name="billboardscrappedmaterial" /> The set list of the tour had songs from all three Evanescence albums.<ref name="straightrock" /> Their performances were supported by [[The Pretty Reckless]],<ref name="prettyrecksup" /> Fair to Midland<ref name="prettyrecksup" /><ref name="nmesixtour" /> and [[Rival Sons]].<ref name="rivalsup" />
{{quote|We're definitely focusing mainly on the new material. We're really excited about that music the most — obviously it's the newest — but of course we'll be playing some from both of our other albums too. I guess I'd say in general, our show's on the heavy-energy side, so we'll be running around singing a lot of fast songs.<ref name="ustourdm" />}}
| title4 = [[My Heart Is Broken]]
| writer4 = A. Lee, T. Balsamo, T McCord, [[Zach Williams|Z. Williams]]
| length4 = 4:29
*Making the ''What You Want'' Music Video – Day 1
*Making the ''What You Want'' Music Video – Day 2
*Behind the Scenes in the StudiosStudio*Behind the Scenes at the Photo shootPhotoshoot
*On the Songs: ''Secret Door''
*On the Songs: ''The Change''
*Peter Donovan - Bass
*[[Chris Vrenna]] - Additional keyboards, programming
*Phillis Phyllis Sparks - Harp technician
*John Nicholson - Drum technician
*Mike Simmons - Bass technician, guitar technician
== References ==
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