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Amy Lynn Lee

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Amy got her first tattoo on May 24, 2018 in tribute to her late brother, [[Robby Lee]].
Her vocal range is '''mezzo-soprano'''. <ref name="rollingstone20171114" /><ref name="billboard20130304" />
== Solo Career ==
[[File:002-1.jpg|thumb|left|240px|Amy in October 2009]]
In October 2008, Amy said during an interview with ''Spin'' that she had begun writing songs which she described as "definitely different", citing folky and Celtic influence. She stated that she needs to show that she is "more than a one trick pony" and that she is going back to her "really old roots". She said that it is nothing that she would "categorize as Evanescence".<ref name=notallsad /> In an interview with The Gauntlet, she said that she doesn't know what she is writing new songs for.<ref name=gauntlet2008 /> In another interview with ''Spin'' in 2010, during the time Amy was working with [[Steve Lillywhite ]] on the new Evanescence 's third album, she said that nothing from the material she mentioned in the 2008 interview will be on the new album.<ref name=spin2010 />
Later in 2011, during an interview with ''Billboard'', she said that while the material made with Steve Lillywhite was scrapped, they may end up on future projects someday.
{{quote|I think that some of those songs aren't right for Evanescence. Some of the songs that we had at that time could maybe be a solo thing in the future. We really do have a lot of extra songs from that time and also songs that the band wrote together; we just wrote a ton in the past few years and especially in the last one year. My head is totally focused on Evanescence right now, but I think it's totally possible that some of those songs will end up on different projects someday -- maybe solo, maybe something else.<ref name=billboardscrappedmaterial />}}
However, she revealed in 2015 that the album produced by Lillywhite was scrapped by her [[Wind-up Records|label]] and that she "was told that none of the songs I'd been pouring my heart into for a year, in any form, were good enough." She was forced to start over and release what we know now as [[Evanescence (album)|the self-titled album]].<ref name="brokenrecord" /> She further said she plans to finish some of the scrapped songs and release them someday. On December 1, 2013 Amy announced that she and [[Dave Eggar]] will be scoring scored an independant film called ''[[War Story]]'' that. The soundtrack album, titled ''[[Aftermath]]''s scheduled to be , was released in January August 2014. In 2016, she released a covers EP, ''[[Recover, Vol. 1]]'', as well her second solo album, ''[[Dream Too Much]]'', a children's album that was inspired by her son Jack. The following year she released two stand-alone singles, ''[[Love Exists]]'' and ''[[Speak to Me]]'', the latter being the end title of ''[[Voice from the Stone]]''.
== Social Efforts ==
== Tools of the Trade ==
On tour, Amy uses a Baldwin baby grand piano with a keyboard insert (a baby grand piano shell with an electronic keyboard instead of an acoustic piano on the inside). She also uses a stand-alone Baldwin keyboard and Shure Microphones. She has used a Kurzweil and a Yamaha digital piano during the [[Fallen Tour]]. She's also been using a Roland RD-700sx keyboard since 2009.  In her home studio, she uses ProTools, a Dynaudio speakers and a US7 mic that was used to record vocals on ''[[Fallen]]'', plus plug-in softwares, a Akai Midi keyboard and various keyboards.<ref name="homestudio" />
At the 50th Grammy Awards, Amy disclosed that she was working hard learning the harp, practicing two hours a day.
Amy Lee does not have a personal MySpace page or Facebook profile. There are several impostor pages on both sites claiming to be Amy Lee. They are not real.<ref name=myspacevboard />
She has also stated this again in October 2009 in a response to a user on Twitter:<ref name=gladyouasked />
{{quote|Glad you asked! No, this is my only Twitter. I also do NOT have a personal facebook or myspace page, those are all false.}}
However, on April 16, 2014, Amy announced (through her verified Twitter account [ Twitter account]) that she has an official Facebook page []. It is also verified.
{{quote|I finally got my own Facebook page! This is me:}}
Amy has a [[Twitter ]] account, created September 22, 2009, with the nickname of AmyLeeEV. With this profile Amy keeps fans updated about news. She revealed this writing this post on [[EvThreads]]: <ref name=evthreadstwitter />
{{quote|Hey guys!
Amy also has an Instagram account, created December 8, 2013, with the nickname of amylee. She mainly uses this profile to share things about her personal life with her fans. She revealed it's its creation with a post on her Twitter, which gave a link to her profile.
== General Facts ==
*In high school, Amy was active in choir and drama. She was also president of the choir (hence her name for herself, "choir nerd"). While there, she wrote the song "[[Listen to the Rain]]", which was performed by the Pulaski Academy mixed choir.
*According to [[Maximum Evanescence]], [[Ben Moody]] took Amy to her senior prom in high school. During this time, Amy and Ben had a very close brother-sister relationship.
*Amy's immediate family includes father [[John Lee]], a well known DJ on K106.3 in Little Rock, mother Sarah Lee, brother Robby, and sisters [[Carrie Lee|Carrie]] and [[Lori Lee|Lori]]. Lee had a third sister, who died in 1987 at the age of three from an unidentified illness, who is known to be the inspiration for a few very personal songs. "On the last record, I wrote '[[Hello]]' about her. '[[Like You]]' is her place on [''The Open Door'']."
*Past romantic relationships include [[Ben Moody]] and [[Shaun Morgan]].
*Amy is currently married to a long time friend, [[Josh Hartzler]]. She wrote "[[Bring Me to Life]]" about him<ref name=blender /> and he also inspired the song "[[Good Enough]]", the last song on ''[[The Open Door]]''.<ref name=blender /> The two were engaged on January 8th, 2007, and Amy made the first official announcement on January 9th. <ref name=marriage /> They were married on May 6th, 2007.
*Amy has a son called [[Jack Lion Hartzler]] with her husband, [[Josh Hartzler]]. He was born in July 2014.<ref name=twitterpregnant /><ref name=instagramb /><ref name=loudwirebaby />
*Amy currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.<ref>["Interview with @amylee of @evanescenceofficial"]. May 20, 2020. ''Instagram''.</ref>She lived in Brooklyn, New York until 2018.
*Amy's related to Robert E. Lee - her great, great uncle.<ref name=robert />
*Amy knows how to snowboard.
*The first songs written by Amy include ''[[A Single Tear]]'' and ''[[Eternity of the Remorse]]''.
*Amy's favorite ''[[Fallen]]'' song is ''[[Going Under]]''.{{fact}}
*Amy took acting lessons for stage presence before they started recording ''[[Fallen]]''.<ref>["Evanescence's Amy Lee - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?"]. October 26, 2016. ''YouTube''.</ref>
*Amy would prefer to stay at home and play in one place, but she still likes to tour.
*Amy is a notable Baldwin Piano user, though she used to play Kurzweil keyboards while performing ''My Immortal '' live when the band was starting out. She started using a baby grand Steinway & Sons piano to record ''[[Synthesis]]'' and brings it with her on the [[Synthesis Live]] tours.
*Amy can play the guitar, as demonstrated in the ''[[The Cartoon Network Song]]''.
*Amy began playing the harp in 2008 after her husband, [[Josh Hartzler]], suprised her with lessons as a gift. She has since used the harp on her cover of ''[[Sally's Song]]'', and on Evanescence songs ''[[Swimming Home]]'', ''[[New Way to Bleed]]'' and ''[[Secret Door]]''.
[[Image:Amy Cat.jpg|thumb|200px|Amy and her cat.]]
[[File:Stella and Shermie.jpg|thumb|200px|Stella and Shermie]]
=== Pets ===
*Amy used to have a cat named Fievel. She found him in a ditch, and he now lives with her family.
*Amy loves any food her dad makes.
*Amy's favorite drink is red wine.
*Amy's favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She said she's played through it "at least 30 times".<ref>["I am Amy Lee of Evanescence - here to answer your questions! Ask Me Anything"]. September 22, 2016. ''Reddit''.</ref>*Amy's first "real" concert was The Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage when she was fourteen or fifteen years old.<ref>["Q&A: Amy Lee of Evanescence"]. April 1, 2004. ''Rolling Stone''.</ref>
*Amy said she would turn down the chance of being a judge on The X Factor, if she was ever asked.<ref></ref>
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