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Live at Vino's January 1999

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In September 2019 [[Nick Williams]] posted on his YouTube channel a video of what appears to be credited as the first [[Evanescence]] live performance ever taped.<ref name="video" /> During that night at [[Vino's Pizza Pub & Brewery|Vino's]], between 2 and 3 January 1999, all the copies of ''[[Evanescence (EP)|Evanescence EP]]'' were sold for $15 each.<ref name="evboard" /><ref name="dec9way" /><ref name="exodusev" /> Before that night, the EP was sold to family and friends in December 1998.
This is the first live footage of ''So Close'' and the earliest footage of ''Lies'', performed one year prior to its release on ''[[Origin]]''.This is the Gabriel (Gabe) Harrell's precious testimony reported on "the very first website", [[We're Not Goth]], created by him shortly after the pubblication of the firt EP of the band: {{quote|January 2, 1999 was a night that will go down in music history. It was the night of the first ever show by Evanescence, a Little Rock, AR band that will soon be taking the world by storm. Citing influences such as Type O Negative, Living Sacrifice and Portishead, this band creates a unique style of music that falls squarely within goth-related genres.It was that night that the debut self-titled CD EP from Evanescence was released and sold out. It was a short run, of 100 I believe, but for a band who has only gotten exposure on two radio stations and who's fan base as of now is mostly local that's pretty doggone cool...<ref></ref>}}

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