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Evanescence (album)

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Amy further said in an interview with ''[[Billboard]]'' that while some of the material from the sessions with Lillywhite won't be included in the band's third album, they may be released in the future in a different release, saying, "maybe solo, maybe something else".<ref name="billboardscrappedmaterial" />
In early 2014, Lillywhite was asked by fans on Twitter how the album sounded, and he responded saying it was "a great combination of real instruments and synths".<ref name="synths" /> He also revealed why he parted ways with the band:
{{quote|I remember [the record label] thinking it didn't sound enough like "Evanescence" which is why I was let go!<ref name="Lillywhiteletgo" />}}
In 2015, Amy revealed that her label rejected the material recorded with Lillywhite and that she "was told that none of the songs I'd been pouring my heart into for a year, in any form, were good enough." She said she used her frustration with being forced to start over to write what she called "Evanescence's heaviest album." She referred to this scrapped album as "broken record."<ref name="brokenrecord" /> Only three songs from the Lillywhite sessions were reworked on the final album: "[[Made of Stone]]", "[[Swimming Home]]", and "[[Secret Door]]".<ref name="3songs" />
*[[Steve Lillywhite]] - Producer
*[[Will "Science" Hunt]] - Co-producer, programming, percussion
*[[Chad Copelin]] - keyboardsKeyboards
*[[David Campbell]] - Orchestral arrangements<ref name="Leehasfun" />
*[[Questlove]] - Additional drums<ref name="evvilletrans" /><ref name="youtubeq" />
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