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Bring Me to Life

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In an October 2006 interview with ''Blender'', Amy said she wrote "Bring Me to Life" about her long time friend (now husband), [[Josh Hartzler]].<ref name=backinblack />
It was the second single off of the [[Daredevil Soundtrack|''Daredevil'' soundtrack]] (Fuel's "Won't Back Down" was first) and the first single off of ''Fallen''. "Bring Me to Life" became the #1 pop song in the country the week of June 13, 2003, only to be replaced a week later by Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent". The song features [[Paul McCoy]], the lead singer of [[12 Stones]].
The song was originally intended to be without the male vocals when Wind-up felt that it was best to put a male vocalist into the song for the ''Daredevil'' soundtrack.<ref name=guardian2007 /> Amy had to write additional lyrics especially for the rap part.<ref name=raplyrics /> The version that featured Paul McCoy stuck.
The sample used throughout the demo versions and some live versions of the song is "Riff 01" from Sony's Futurist Drum 'n' Bass loop series. The sample was replaced with a piano playing a variation of the same note sequence in the ''Fallen'' version.
"Bring Me to Life" was played on the band's Fallen and The Open Door Tours.<ref name=pegasuslose /><ref name=dailyutah /> It was performed at the [[Legends & Lyrics]] concert in Nashville on February 23, 2009,<ref name=upvenue /> followed by the performance at the band's [[New York Secret Show 2009|secret New York gig ]] on November 4 in the same year.<ref name=blabbersecret /><ref name=stonesecret /> It was later played as part of Evanescence's [[Evanescence Tour ]] in 2011-12.<ref name=hollywoodsoph /><ref name=take40 />
Amy said in a Capital FM Radio Interview on June 11, 2003 that they recorded about five different demos, one of which had different lyrics:
*''Performing date:'' February 16, 2020
*''Performed at:'' Osaka-jō Hall, Osaka, Japan
*''Status:'' Released
*''Released On:'' ''TOKYO RISING'' (Deluxe Edition)
*''Length'' 4:16
== Download ==
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