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Missing discography images

I will be filling in the missing discography images within the next week. This is an ongoing project by me for ALL of Evanescence's releases. Gyakusetsu 12/17/06 23:12 EST

Demo 1 and 2 swapping

Ok, so I swapped the links to the two demos. Since Demo #1 is supposed to be 3:58 and Demo #2 is supposed to be 4:06 I had to point the links to the correct files. I realize that the filenames are wrong on the server (like Evanescence - Demo CD Alt Takes - Bring Me To Life (Demo V.2).mp3 for demo #1 and Evanescence - Demo CD - 16 - Bring Me To Life (original).mp3 for Demo #2) but I'm sure people will match the times up. Don't know why whoever decided to upload the demos uploaded as "Demo CD" and "Demo CD Alt Takes". There is no demo cd. Sure, they send a demo disk to Wind-Up records but I'm sure noone knows how that particular tracklist looked like. The "Demo CD" tracklist that is listed in the download page is exactly the same as the "Not for your Ears" bootleg tracklist, and therefore is invalid.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by SaberBlaze (talkcontribs) 06:11, October 30, 2008 (UTC)