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I will be filling in the missing discography images within the next few weeks. This is an ongoing project by me for ALL of Evanescence's releases. User:Gyakusetsu 12/17/06 23:08 EST

Alright Whisperer, you and me to the death! :) I think the words near the end of the song are "stay in love mmhmm," while you think they are "I want to stay in love with me." I'm basing my opinion on what I hear on TOD and the length of time she has to sing the words. The number of words you have listed would have to be sung quite fast to fit in this space in the song. I offer this recent live performance on Letterman as proof (see 3:25). 12/14/06 Letterman "Mmhmm" can be sung/hummed with a closed mouth, "with me" cannot. Granted, this is a live performance and could be different from the recorded version, but I think it is the same as TOD. XERXES_II 12/30/06 12:32 PST

Well, as you said, the live performance is different from the studio one. First, the lyrics I posted have sense, since in the videoclip, the Amys want to "stay in love" with each other. Also, in the studio version, Amy sings the word Lithium, and near the end of the word, I heard "I want to stay in love with me" User: Whisperer... 12/30/06 18:20
I agree with XERXES_II. The lyrics shall be changed to "stay in love mmhmm," and should remain that way. Thanks! --DhammaSeeker 12:40, 31 December 2006 (PST)