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{{Infobox album
{{Infobox album
| Name        = TBC
| Name        = The Bitter Truth
| Type        = Studio
| Type        = Studio
| Artist      = [[Evanescence]]
| Artist      = [[Evanescence]]

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The Bitter Truth
Studio album by Evanescence
Released TBC
Recorded February 2020; Rock Falcon Studio, Nashville, TN
Length TBC
Label TBC
Producer Nick Raskulinecz
Evanescence chronology
Synthesis Live
The Bitter Truth
Singles from The Bitter Truth
  1. "Wasted on You"
    Released: April 24, 2020
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The Bitter Truth is Evanescence's fifth studio album is currently in the recording process, with the band scheduling to hit the studio multiple times in 2020.[1]

Amy confirmed that the new music will go back to its rock roots and that they've got some ideas in the bank, including previous songs that didn't make it to the self-titled record and Synthesis.[2][3] There is currently no confirmed release date, but there is intention to release the new music in 2020.[4]

She also explained that the new music is "dark and heavy" and has "The Open Door vibes" in terms of it having "weird and sparse" moments.[5]


Recording Process & In the Studio

Amy has said that the band will record the album in sections during 2020 to work around their tour plans.[6] She said they might also bring in a different producer each time they hit the studio.[4]

The band recorded the first four songs with Nick Raskulinecz at his studio, Rock Falcon Studio, on January 20th and concluded on February 5th. One of those will be released as a single. They will work with another producer on songs in the vein of The Open Door and "electronic, weird, mid-tempo world."[7] Amy said she wants to release songs over the course of 2020 and in the end the full album will be released.[7]



Evanescence announced on April 17, 2020 that their first single from the album, Wasted on You, will be released on April 24th.

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