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The Evanescence Reference is a project of the on-line Evanescence fan community. It is hoped to create a single, comprehensive database of all things Evanescence for the fan community to use, maintain, and continually update as an authoritative reference.

To add or update information to this wiki, you will need to create an account. Other than that, it's pretty free form for the time being. Please post citation links to resources backing up any factual information you add (magazine articles, news sites, etc.)

Please post in English only. If you have resources in other languages, feel free to add links to them at the bottom of an article.

Or, if you write in Greek, visit the Greek branch of The Evanescence Reference and contact a languagemod for Greek to be given information on how to write in the Greek branch.

Contributing Communities

Those who make The Evanescence Reference possible.


If anyone has additions or deletions to the Contributing Communities section or edits to the rest of the page, please contact a Staff Member.