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My Evanescence Collection. I've been a fan since Summer of 2003. Since then, I've amassed quite a collection. This is it!

This page is a work in progress and not at all finished.



Item Name Story
EvMerchShirt Origin.jpg Maroon Origin Shirt Bought on eBay for $20 (yes, really).
EvMerchShirt1.jpg "Fallen" Tee Bought at Hot Topic in summer of 2003, this was the first black tee-shirt I ever bought. I ended up buying another one because the original is very special and I wanted one to wear around. So yes, I have 2 of this shirt.
EvMerchShirt2.jpg Men's Evanescence Logo T-Shirt Got as a Christmas present in 2004
EvMerchShirt2.jpg Silver Metalic Evanescence Logo
T-Shirt (tour dates on the back)
Concert at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO 2/17/04
EvMerchShirtftour2.jpg 'e' and Photo Tee eBay in July of '07
EvMerchShirt4.jpg Band Photo Tee eBay
EvMerchShirt7.jpg Maroon Orchid Tee Hot Topic, sometime in 2004.
EvMerchShirt8.jpg 2004 Band Photo Tee Hot Topic, Sometime in 2004.
EvMerchShirt9.jpg Gothic Roots Tee Concert at Harbor Center in Portsmouth, VA. 7/31/04
EvMerchShirt12.jpg Drifter Official Ev Store, 2006
EvMerchShirt13.jpg Editorial Official Ev Store, 2006
EvMerchShirt15.jpg Tree and Roots Logo Bought at the Paramount Theater concert in Denver, CO. 10/24/06
File:EvMerchShirtfvt.jpg Dragon Heraldry Bought during theFamily Values Tour 2007 at the Coors Amphitheater in Denver, CO. 8/24/07.
EvMerchShirtfvtSkeleton.jpg Skeleton Bought during theFamily Values Tour 2007 at the Coors Amphitheater in Denver, CO. 8/24/07.

Hoodies/Jewelry/Misc. Apparel

Item Name Story
EvMerchMisc6.jpg Evanescence Jogger Bought Online somewhere.
EvMerchMiscChoker2.jpg Evanescence Choker II Came with my pre-order of Anywhere But Home from the official Ev store.
EvMerchMisc7.jpg Gothic Hoodie Official Ev Store, 2006
EvMerchMiscChoker.jpg Evanescence Choker eBay, $15. July 2007.
EvMerchMisc8.jpg Angel Thermal
EvMerchfvthoodie.jpg Glow Lamppost Hoodie Bought during theFamily Values Tour 2007 at the Coors Amphitheater in Denver, CO. 8/24/07.


Item Name Story
EvMerchPoster1.jpg Amy "Mist" eBay
EvMerchPoster2.jpg Group 2003 Promo eBay
EvMerchPoster2b.jpg Alternate Group 2003 Promo eBay
EvMerchPoster3.jpg Amy Close-up Spencer's Gifts, 2003
EvMerchPoster4.jpg Amy "Dress" eBay
Door Poster Official Ev Store
EvMerchPoster7.jpg Amy on a Bed Spencer's Gifts
EvMerchPoster8.jpg Group Photo I Concert at Harbor Center in Portsmouth, VA. 7/31/04
EvMerchPoster9.jpg Grup Photo II eBay
EvMerchPoster10.jpg ToD Era Poster bought online somewhere.



I have a Real copy of Origin. Bought from eBay in 2003 (back before they were making bootlegs) for $375. It came with a press release by Bigwig Enterprises that I seem to have misplaced. I don't really collect albums yet, however I do have:

Fallen Releases

  • 2003 US Initial Pressing from March of 2003
  • 2004 US Secondary pressing (with My Immortal [Band Version] bonus track)

The Open Door Releases

  • 2x US Version
  • European Pressing
  • Taiwan Special Edition w/Bonus DVD
  • Chinese Pressing


I have over 40 total singles. Always looking to expand the collection.

Bring Me To Life

  • UK CD Single
  • UK DVD Single
  • UK Cassette Single
  • Initial (Australia Only) Pressing
  • Secondary/US/Europe Pressing
  • Canadian Single
  • German 3" (Pock-It!®) CD Single
  • Sheet Music
  • Daredevil Radio Promo

Going Under

  • UK CD Single
  • UK DVD Single
  • Australia/US CD Single
  • German 3" (Pock-It!®) CD Single
  • European CD Single

My Immortal

  • Australia/US/Europe CD Single
  • UK CD One
  • UK CD Two
  • German 3" (Pock-It!®) CD Single
  • P/V/G Sheet Music
  • Easy Piano Sheet Music
  • Rare Alternate Radio Promo
  • US Guitars Down Radio Disc

Everybody's Fool

  • International Consumer Single
  • US Radio Promo


Still Looking!


(I apparently own every known instance of the Missing single aside from the press kit versions)

  • European Radio Promo
  • Brazilian Radio Promo

Call Me When You're Sober

  • UK CD One
  • UK 7" Vinyl
  • Australian Miss-pressed Version
  • International Radio Single
  • US Radio Single


  • UK CD One
  • 7" Vinyl Picture Disc
  • UK CD Two / International Maxi CD Single
  • Euro Cardsleeve
  • Radio Single

Sweet Sacrifice

  • Basic Single
  • Maxi Single
  • Taiwanese Maxi
  • Radio Single
  • Press Kit

Good Enough

  • Pre-Ordered both consumer discs.