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Dust for Life were a post-grunge band from Memphis, Tennessee formed in 1999. They were signed by Wind-Up Records in April 2000, after their demo was overnighted to Jeff Hanson, the manager of the band Creed. After taking a break and reforming in 2003, the band finally was put on hiatus in 2008.

Dust for Life are known for helping Evanescence record parts of the album Origin, most notably Jason Hughes and Chris Gavin, at Ardent Studios (the same place where Dust for Life recorded their Wind-Up debut), as revealed by Ben Moody in an interview with Stranger Things in September 2000, several months before Origin's release. It is also believed the same members provided their manager with a copy of Evanscence's demo album soon after it was released, which resulted in the band's subsequent signing with Wind-Up Records.