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EvBoard was the first major fan message board for Evanescence and is one of the only message boards to have featured posts by the members of the band. There have been a couple of versions of the board that date back as early as 1999 as an affiliate of [exodus] evanescence (now disbanded) run by the gabe and TOB (the other Ben). Changes in the lineup of the band and different circumstances led to a disinterest in the board by band members. In 2006, EvThreads.com was created by Amy Lee as an alternative fan board thus marking the end of the band's affiliation with the website.

In July 2003, EvBoard had just over 3,500 members, and later grew to over 28,000 members. It has been mostly inactive for many years. The board had a bumpy history and less-than-desirable reputation.

Major Events in EvBoard History

On June 14, 2005, the board suffered a major hard drive event that set the database back as it was on January 25th, 2005. That event is known as The Great Server Wipe of 2005.

On October 3, 2006, EvBoard became a paid community because of cost issues and lack of band interest (see EvThreads.com). This decision left EvBoard with a community of just over 100 active members. A subscription costs anywhere from $5 for a month to $37 for 2 years. Currently someone may join in order to read posts, but a subscription is required to post a message.

Changes In Ownership

On July 4, 2007, ToB sold EvBoard at auction to forumfactory.com through sedo.com for $3500 (USD). On July 11, 2007, the forum was disabled. Activity was restored on July 16th and three new admins appeared, chris123, KCMO, and Kai. On July 17th, plans for re-opening the board completely free of charge were announced by KCMO (introduced himself as Chris) and on July 18th, free access was restored to all members.

On March 15, 2017, Stephen with forumfactory.com announced that Evboard will be closing down on March 24, 2017. Old School member Biff made an offer to take over the domain and hosting himself going forward.


as of May 27, 2013:

  • Threads: 15,110
    • Posts: 816,953
  • Members: 35,848
    • Active Members: ±100
  • Paid Subscribers: ±308
  • EvBoard Welcoming Committee: 5
  • Super Moderators: 7
  • Forum Moderators: 17

EvBoard Administrators - KCMO and Kai
-To see a list of all staff and subscribers, see the Show Groups page.