RIM v.beta

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RIM v. beta
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released July 1998
Recorded 1998
Label Bigwig Enterprises
Producer Brad Caviness, Jeff Elbel

Released on CD in July 1998
Released by BigWig Enterprises[1]

Track Listing:

  1. Every Day Life: "Time to Change"
  2. Battered Fish: "Sometimes"
  3. Fuzzy Matthews: "I'm Gone"
  4. Farewell to Juliet: "Holiday on Ice"
  5. Kevin Clay: "Coffee with Caffeine"
  6. Adam: "Written on the Body"
  7. Moby (performing as Voodoo Child): "Dog Heaven"
  8. Evanescence: "Understanding"
  9. The Huntingtons: "Dokken Roll"
  10. Michael Knott: "Miss Understanding"
  11. Jeff Elbel: "Miracle Rain"
  12. Simple Mary's Diary: "Magnetic Baby"
  13. Bon Voyage: "Be What I Need"
  14. Britannika: "How We Shipwrecked Our Lives"
  15. Sunny Day Roses: "You Know What to Do"
  16. Vigilantes of Love: "Rising, Although Slow"