Stone Sour

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Stone Sour is an American band fronted by Slipknot vocalist, Corey Taylor. They supported Evanescence in early-2007 for The Open Door at the Canadian dates.

In an interview with Launch, former guitarist, Jim Root, explained how Evanescence's audience are different to what they're used to;[1]

Vin1.jpg They were really big, great shows, and Evanescence, great band to tour with, but the crowd was very docile, you know, and with Evanescence I think you kind of, you walk that line between, you know, like a rock band and a pop band, so to speak. I think there was a lot of people there that hadn't heard of us before and didn't really know anything about what we were about. So it was cool because, you know, we were able to be put in front of a, like a different type of audience. Vin2.jpg

Band Members


  • Corey Taylor – lead vocals, guitar (1992-present)
  • Josh Rand – rhythm guitar (2001–present)
  • Roy Mayorga – drums, percussion (2006–present)
  • Johnny Chow – bass, backing vocals (2012–present)
  • Christian Martucci – lead guitar, backing vocals (2013–present)


  • Joel Ekman – drums, percussion (1992–2006)
  • Shawn Economaki – bass, backing vocals (1992–2011)
  • Jim Root – lead guitar (1995–2013), backing vocals (2002–2003, 2013)


  • Stone Sour (2002)
  • Come What(ever) May (2006)
  • Audio Secrecy (2010)
  • House of Gold & Bones – Part 1 (2012)
  • House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 (2013)
  • Hydrograd (2017)