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Many people know her as a former moderator on and a current moderator on, but only a select few actually know how instrumental she was in helping Evanescence. As a music director and disc jockey at the pop station in Little Rock (KLAL-FM), Syd heard Bring Me To Life in the summer of 2002 and saw hit potential well before many had even heard of the song.

Syd started playing the song on the station and by the start of the next year stations in many other formats (Alternative, Christian, Hot Adult Contemporary and other pop stations) followed suit. Bring Me To Life, as mentioned in its entry, became the #1 pop song in the country in major part thanks to her. She was also influential in getting Going Under and My Immortal added to the station's playlist early on to support the local band who has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

She was also a bassist for the Little Rock based band known as Dean Heathen.