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Amy in rare form, actually playing a guitar.

General Information

Here is Amy's quote about the song from an MTV article:

"My little brother is 10 and of course he loves Cartoon Network, and it's my favorite channel. So I went to the Cartoon Network and did an interview with a puppet and I wrote a cheesy song on the guitar about Cartoon Network and how much I love and miss it on tour, and it was really stupid," Lee recalled, smiling at the memory. "I kind of regret it, but not really. My little brother had a blast. And we got all kinds of free toys and stuff, too."

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Hi, I'm Robby's sister
I guess that's plain to see
When we watch cartoon cartoons
I'm happy as can be
I think samurai Jack's cool
And Dexter's laboratory
I miss watching powerpuff
I miss watching TV
Well, living on the tour bus ain’t that bad
But I've feel like I've lost all that I had

On Cartoon network
I miss you so
Oh Cartoon Network
Where did you go

Grim & Evil, how I love that little brain
Johnny Bravo, can I smack you once again
I hope you learned a lesson here
Treasure what you have
Don't make the mistake I made
The rockstar life is sad
Well living on a tour bus is pretty bad
And now I'm sure I know
The meaning of my life
The love within my soul
The reason I wake up each day and its cartoon network
I miss you so
My Cartoon Network
Where did you go
My cartoon network

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