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Twitter, renamed to X in July 2023, is a popular social networking and micro-blogging website. Users send and receive short messages called "Tweets" which are limited to 140 characters in length. Users can follow others whose "Tweets" they are interested in and remain updated by receiving followed Users messages. The updates can be written via website, via SMS, with instant messaging programs, via e-mail, or with applications based on the Twitter APIs. Twitter was created during March 2006 by Obvious Corporation of San Francisco. It is possible to choose whether to restrict the view of the messages or to make them be available for everyone.


Evanescence has a page on Twitter for fans to follow and receive live news updates from the band[1], following them you can receive updates from the band. Amy[2], Terry[3] and Tim[4] have their own page on Twitter too.

Ms. Twitter (March 2010)

Ms. Twitter of March (2010)

In March 2010, Amy Lee could be voted as Ms. twitter of the month[5]. A great number of fans participated and many urging were made. It was possible to vote once every 20 minutes. This is what is reported in the site hosting the votes:

Vin1.jpg Here we honor the outstanding female tweeter of the month. Who do you think deserves the crown? A tv or radio host? An actress or producer? A singer or rapper? A musician or model? A comedienne or youtuber? A politician or pro sports player? A businesswoman or entrepeneur? A dancer or designer? Maybe you perhaps???

The winner & top 25 will be immortalized in the Vote Wall of Fame. All contestants will be listed forever as honorable mentions.


This is what Amy said about being the winner of the contest:

Vin1.jpg So now that I'm miss twitter do I get a prize?? I hope its a pet cartoon bird. I could be the real Snow White![6] Vin2.jpg

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