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Welcome & some questions


Welcome to the EvRef and thanks for your contributions! I've some questions though: in your profile you say you are an "expert" about Evanescence singles, and that's great, could you cite your references? I'm talking about the Imaginary single edit, which says there are "up to 30" of its copies... It would be great to know the total numer of copies, but only if it's sure. I hope I made it clear what I mean... I'm in a hurry! =]

Thanks again!

My Immortal [Love 4u] 06:09, 7 February 2011 (PST)

Some Answers, Then

The "up to 30 copies" reference comes from a "sticker" that is on the back cover of a few of the Imaginary singles distributed among Spanish radio stations. I own 2 copies of Imaginary single, one of which I have just recently bought. On the back of it, there is a sticker with a Spanish message saying (my translation) "Here you have one of the 30 limited-edition copies of the Imaginary single by the American Grammy awarded band, Evanescence. Don't let it slip and play it". There is also a biograpgy of the band INSIDE the Imaginary cardsleeve, in Spanish, but it is merely printed in normal paper and cut with scissors, you know? So I believe this was not part of the "press kit" distributed to the radio stations. But the sticker with the number of copies is there, on the back of the plastic involving the cardsleeve. I intend to take a picture of it. Just wasn't sure it would be necessary and/or appropriate to upload it here. What do you think?

I'm jealous!

I'm jealous, you seem to have an awesome collection! I think it would be great if you could share a picture of the whole Cd case, and a scan of the sticker. It would be an interesting piece of information to add to the Imaginary Single page... Thank you much for the help! -Luca

Jealous? Why?

Thanks, Luca. But why "jealous"? lol ... there is enough Evanescence promo stuff for everybody here. But I promise I will take a picture of the whole Press Kit Pack of Imaginary ASAP (probably this weekend). Hope you all enjoy it.

7ball magazine

Hi. The 25th issue of this magazine was released in 1999, and it feautured the 14th compilation (ref 1).

Actually, the 25th compilation was released along whit the 36th issue (ref 2).

Be careful about the right references next time...

--Sweet Sacrifice (talk) 13:37, 6 December 2015 (PST)