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The very first website decicated to Evanescence. It was created by Gabriel (Gabe) Harrell shortly after the pubblication of the firt EP of the band:

Vin1.jpg I started the website We're Not Goth at the end of 1998 after the first EP was released. The name of the site came from conversations with Ben and with Brad Caviness, who had put out their CD. Though their music had a distinct goth sound, we all knew that we'd never see Ben and Amy on stage in whiteface. My first contact with the band was summer of 1998. After hearing the songs "Understanding" and "Give Unto Me" on the radio I called the station to ask how to get in touch with the band. I got Ben's email address and interviewed him for my website Enclave.[1] Vin2.jpg

This is what Amy Lee had to say about it:

Vin1.jpg Our original Web site like in the ‘90s was called ‘We’re not goth.’ [Laughs] But I understand it, and there are plenty of goth kids that are our fans too. I think goth is kind of a silly, outdated word. I think our music is rock, first of all, but then we incorporate a lot elements that make it dark. Nine Inch Nails is a big influence. Depeche Mode. The things I have always been into that have inspired the band have always been a little bit on the darker side. I'll call it dark, but I won't call it goth, because anyone who spends three hours putting on makeup everyday isn't really thinking about anything more than that.[2] Vin2.jpg


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