We The Living, Vol. 3

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We The Living, Vol. 3
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Released Date July 1, 2000
Released By True Tunes Music
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We The Living is a set of three compilation CD's Released by True Tunes Music. Each Volume had a specific genre they wished to promote. Volume 1 featured rock, alternative, punk, and hardcore music while Volume 2 would highlight acoustic, singer-songwriter music. The final CD released, Volume 3, would consist of electronica, goth, darkwave and industrial music.[1]

Track Listing

  1. Wedding Party - Alliance
  2. Audio Paradox - Time to Burn
  3. Nova Sphere - Cypher Dreamscape
  4. Caul - Strength According to the Word
  5. Saviour Machine - Behold a Pale Horse
  6. Evanescence - Whisper
  7. GLOBALWAVESYSTEM - Cardboard box
  8. Jeff Elbel with Ping - We The Living
  9. Tara Vanflower - Talitha Koum!
  10. Killingtheoldman - Incubus
  11. Autovoice - Tension
  12. Frolic - So True By
  13. Steve Scott - Nervous Systems 2
  14. EnGrave - Miserere et Parce
  15. The Eternal Chapter - Still Haunting
  16. Brian C. Jones - Requiem


  • Produced by John J. Thompson and Todd Brown.

Notes and References

  1. The Phantom Tollbooth (Review of We The Living)