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Ailyn Giménez

Pilar Giménez García (born May 29, 1982 in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona) is a Spanish singer, known as Ailyn. She is the former vocalist of the gothic metal band Sirenia, and has been a fan of Evanescence since Fallen's release, and would love to sing with Amy Lee. She said this:

Vin1.jpg I love everything, I like the music they make plus, I adore Amy's voice and charisma. In addition to the energy that emerges on stage... Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg I think Amy is a great artist with a great voice and as I said before, very charismatic. As an artist, I love it. As a person I can not comment as I do not know her personally, I wish I could meet her one day... Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg I would love to sing with Amy, would be a great honor to do that[1] Vin2.jpg

X-Factor Spain

In May 2007, she was selected to participate in the Spanish version of X Factor. In the different episodes she sang Time After Time, Moonlight Shadow, Bring Me To Life and Why. She was eliminated in the fourth episode.

Evanescence Covers

A good friend from her, who's also an Evanescence fan, asked her to do some covers, they are:

Notes and References

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