Fatal Thirteen

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Former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray plays guitar and produced their album 'Music From the Soundproof Torture Chamber' in 2006. The band has been making music since 1998 when they were known as D.O.A. (Disciples of Annihilation). In 2002, members of D.O.A. came together and released a 4 song demo under their new name Fatal Thirteen. In 2006, they released a their first full length album 'Music From the Soundproof Torture Chamber'.

Band Members

  • Big G Crazy - Vocals
  • Menace - Vocals
  • Jigsaw - Guitars, keyboards, programming
  • Cain - Bass
  • Machine - Drums


  • Fatal Thirteen demo (2002)
  • Music From the Soundproof Torture Chamber (2006)