Juanita's Restaurant

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Juanita's Cafe & Bar‎
Juanitas's Logo.png
The building.
Country United States
State Arkansas
County Pulaski County
City Little Rock
Coordinate 34° 44' 10.46" N, 92° 16' 22.94" W
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Part of the web page of Juanita's, June 2002, with the month events. Can be noticed that "Evanescence" is misspelled.
Part of the web page of Juanita's, December 2001, with the month events.

Mexican restaurant/club in Little Rock that featured Evanescence for their "Fallen party" on January 13th, 2003. They performed a breathtaking rendition of A Perfect Circle’s Orestes to finish an acoustic set.

Juanita's was also home to two back-to-back sold-out shows featuring Evanescence, 19th and 20th June, 2002. Evanescence was the first band ever booked two nights in a row at Juanita's.

Evanescence also played here earlier, in 2001, as it can been seen in the archive of the pub's official website.[1]

EvanescenceVille has a scan of the ticket for the performance of "Evanescence w/ Killsystem and Echocast"[2] in which you can see a misspelling (it's written Evanesence instead of Evanescence). The cost for the ticket was a small fee of $10! In the archive of the pub's official website you can see the 2002 catalogue with the two 2002 shows[3] and the one in 2003,[4] where Mystary EP was sold.

The restaurant permanently closed on December 20, 2015.[5]

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