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Out of the Shadows è un progetto fondato da Amy Lee insieme a Epilepsy Foundation agli inizi del 2005. Questa campagna è molto importante per la cantante, come anche per la sua famiglia; infatti ha potuto vedere in prima persona gli effetti che questa malattia ha causato a suo fratello. La campagna intende diffondere il messaggio che l'epilessia ha bisogno di più ricerca per offrire migliori condizioni a chi ne è affetto.

Vin1.jpg Out of the Shadows è per le milioni di persone con l'epilessia e per chi ha riposto il proprio cuore in questa condizione – Come me. Unisciti a me, Amy Lee, nell'aiutare ad aumentare la consapevolezza dell'epilessia ed anche a raccogliere dei soldi per capire meglio come l'epilessia operi, come meglio trattarla e curarla. Vin2.jpg

Amy on why she decided to fight for this cause:

Vin1.jpg I can think of a hundred different things I would rather have heard than, "Your brother had a seizure at school and had to be taken to the hospital." When I heard, I panicked a little. I mean, this is my little brother. All I wanted to do was be with him. When I saw my brother, he was fine, but I was still left wondering... would he really be OK? Today, looking back, I know my panic wasn't really necessary. Much worse things could have happened to my little brother. His epilepsy doesn't stop him from having a full and healthy life. This condition has the unfortunate tendency to bring out the strangest misconceptions, like the person is possessed, he or she is mentally challenged, the condition is contagious, etc. None of these are true. Because epilepsy is so prevalent, we need to start educating everyone about it. I want to make sure people don't have the initial reactions I did. With Out of the Shadows, I know we'll be able to do just that.[1] Vin2.jpg

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