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Until now, there is very little to distinguish quickly between songs that have never been heard outside the studio, and songs that exist from outtakes and other miscellaneous sources. For instance, the term "Unreleased" used to refer to either. The purpose of this page is to clear up any confusion between any song status:

Please remember NOT to link to pirated material. Remember that pre-Fallen songs are available to download here, as the relevant copyrights were waived.


When adding/editing songs, please try to stick to this categorization method. Please also indicate if the song is available on the music page (i.e. if pre-Fallen).

  • Released, Available
    Song has been released through official channels (e.g. iTunes, CD), and is still available to purchase.

  • Released, Unavailable
    Song has been released, again through official channels, but is no longer officially available (e.g. Origin) to buy.

  • Unreleased, Available
    Song has not officially been released, but is available (e.g. through a leak)

  • Unreleased, Unavailable
    Studio version known to exist, but has never been available for download/purchase.

  • Unreleased, Rumored
    Use if it is unknown whether or not a song has been recorded.

  • Unreleased, Unfinished
    Studio version known to exist, but remains unfinished and unreleased (e.g. Evanescence's Lillywhite sessions known as "broken record").

The term download includes, in this context, streaming from websites like YouTube or SoundCloud.


Cloud Nine


Instrumental 1 [Demo]

Find a Way

Perfect Dream