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General information

Written by: A. Lee and D. Eggar

Find a Way is a song written by Amy Lee and Dave Eggar. It was premiered live on November 7, 2013[1] when Amy Lee, Paula Cole and Dave Eggar performed an acoustic concert for Wellspring House at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, Massachusetts.[2] Other songs on the set-list were: My Heart Is Broken, Good Enough, Missing and Bring Me to Life, along with several cover and Paula Cole songs. Amy performed the song with Dave again on March 8, 2014 in McMinnville, Tennessee at a Bluegrass Underground event.

During an interview with MTV in January 2014, Amy confirmed that there is a studio version of Find a Way which she described as "much, much better" than the live version. The studio version hasn't been released yet.[3]

In a 2017 interview, she said:

Vin1.jpg Find A Way is a cool song! That’s a song that I wrote for a film, I was just trying to get on the soundtrack of this Middle Eastern kind of movie a few years ago and it didn’t make it. I do that all the time. I’ve got a nice pile of ‘Oh that didn’t work, oh well! Maybe I’ll come back to that when it makes sense.’[4] Vin2.jpg

Amy mentioned how the song was originally written for the Prince of Persia movie, released in May 2010:

Vin1.jpg Little fun fact, we were originally writing to try to get it placed in the movie Prince of Persia (hence the sort of eastern vibe). I can't decide if that song goes in the Evanescence or solo category. What do you think?[5] Vin2.jpg


Studio versions:

Find a Way

  • Recording date: circa 2008-2009[6]
  • Status: Unreleased

Live versions:

Find a Way [Live]

  • Status: Unreleased
  • Performing dates: November 7, 2013; March 8, 2014
  • Performed at: Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, Massachusetts (November 7); McMinnville, Tennessee (March 8)


Take my hand, hold me close
Every breath's a gift, we don't know what tomorrow holds
But I know I need you, you show me the truth
And I will reach you somehow

I'll find a way
Build another world beyond the pain
I'll find a way to keep you safe
Until the end of time

I can't hide tears I've cried
Nothing in this world will move me, I'm never gonna leave your side
I want to see your face and hide in your wake
As long as you are with me

I'll find a way
Build another world beyond the pain
I'll find a way to keep you safe
Until the end, oh

Break the chains within your mind
Fighting blindly through the dark
I know you hear me, I would give my life
If it would save you from this

I'll find a way
Build another world beyond the pain
I'll find a way to keep you safe
Until the end of time


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