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Informazioni generali

Scritta da: A. Lee

Overture is the first track from Evanescence's fourth studio album, Synthesis. The term "overture" means "an orchestral composition forming the prelude or introduction to an opera, oratorio, etc". In a Synthesis track-by-track on Facebook, Overture is given another little explanation[1];

Vin1.jpg That progression includes bits from some of our earliest music, including Whisper, which was one of the first songs we ever recorded and anyone ever heard from us. Vin2.jpg

In the songbook/tour program given to those who purchased VIP packages and available at the merch booth, Overture is explained as growing from Whisper.

We begin at the beginning. From a single note we grow into a progression from one of our very first songs, Whisper.

The song was performed live for the first time at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 14, 2017 for the Synthesis Live tour.


Studio versions:


  • Recording Date: May - August 2017
  • Status: Awaiting release
  • Released On: Synthesis (track #1)
  • Length: 0:57

Live versions:

Overture [Synthesis Live]

  • Performing period: October 14, 2017 - TBC
  • Example: Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV (October 14, 2017)