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This article is about the physical items released with the single. For the song itself, see Missing.
Single by Evanescence
from the album Anywhere but Home
Released November 2004
Format CD single
Recorded 2002
Length 4:15
Label Wind-up
Writer(s) Amy Lee, Ben Moody, David Hodges
Producer Dave Fortman
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The "Missing" single was released to radio stations on November 22, 2004.

International promotional single

With the release of Anywhere but Home, the bonus track, "Missing", was released internationally to radio stations for airplay and not released for public sale (though it quickly found its way on eBay). The single had elaborate artwork akin to the cover of Anywhere but Home that made the disc highly collectible. "Missing" was previously released in 2003 as a B-side on the Australian "Bring Me to Life" single.

Internationally, two formal instances of the single exist in addition to known Australian, Spanish and French press releases. Both the European and Brazilian items (below) were scanned using the exact same equipment and are un-edited:

European version

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-up/Epic
Cat.no: SAMPCS 14591 1
This version features a photo of the band (By Pamela Littky) in the insert and very little text on the spine.

Brazilian version

Status: Out of Print
Label: Sony Music Group/Epic
Cat.no: 2 900351
This version features abridged lyrics in English and Portuguese track information on the insert. The front cover image is slightly darker and zoomed smaller than on the European version. The words "Música inédita" also appear in the lower right corner. The video from "My Immortal" (from Anywhere but Home) was shown on Brazilian Music TV at the same time "Missing" had airplay in Brazil.

Israel version

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-Up/Epic
Cat.no: SAMPCS 14591 1
This version is exactly the same as the European SAMPCS version, but with an Israel promo sticker on the front. This edition is considerably more rare than it's European counterpart.

Press kit versions


Status: Out of Print
Label: Sony Music Studios
Cat.no: none
Australian Press Kit produced by Sony Music Studios in Sydney. The cardsleeve is stickered with a band photo and press release about Anywhere but Home.

Dutch Promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Sony Music/ Epic
Cat.no: none

Spanish Promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Sony Music Studios
Cat.no: none
Spanish press kit produced by Sony Music Studios. The cardsleeve has a sticker with the band name and the track name. The cdr also has a sticker with the same info.

French Promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Epic
Cat.no: none
This is the French press kit promo released by Epic. The card sleeve has a sticker on the front. The CD-R just has a plain white sticker.