Sound Asleep

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Sound Asleep
EP by Evanescence
Released August 1999
Recorded 1999
Length 33:11
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Sound Asleep
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Sound Asleep (also known as the Whisper EP) is an EP released in August 1999 by Evanescence, when it was Amy Lee and Ben Moody. It features the first known recording of "Whisper" along with two instrumental tracks. It also contains two versions of the song "Understanding" which had previously gained Evanescence airplay on local radio. Only 50 copies of the EP were burnt, and no "second batches" or re-releases were created.

Despite being listed as the label, Bigwig Enterprises didn't contribute to the EP or distribute it. It was released with no artwork on CD-R in a flexible 'DiscSaver' case. Amy and Ben gave copies of it directly to friends and local fans in Little Rock, AR.

Original copies of the EP are very rare. 99.9% of auction listings are fake burned CDs from files found online - most contain incorrect tracks and/or edits of "Ascension of the Spirit". Brad Caviness of Bigwig Enterprises said of the release:

Vin1.jpg As far as I know, ALL copies of the Sound Asleep EP were burned with same contents and sequencing, including the instrumental version of "Give Unto Me," "Ascension Of The Spirit," and the lengthy silences preceding the hidden tracks. I can truthfully say I never made the statements attributed to me [by the eBay seller] and, in fact, was not in on any of the discussions regarding the contents or sequencing of the disc. My involvement in the EP was limited to some artwork I mocked up for the project (as did Adrian James) that was ultimately rejected when Ben decided to go with the unprinted discs to save money as well as add mystique, and the fulfillment of about ten "orders" for the disc that were run through me to Ben. So far as a I know, all 50 copies were identical, and all were sold within a 24 hour period.[1] Vin2.jpg

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Give Unto Me" (Instrumental version)Amy Lee 2:00
2. "Whisper" (Sound Asleep version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 4:07
3. "Understanding" (Sound Asleep version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 4:55
4. "Forgive Me"  Amy Lee, Ben Moody 3:01
5. "Understanding" (Evanescence EP version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 7:21
6. "Ascension of the Spirit"    11:48
Total length:

Album cover

Album art can be seen when searching the old pages of the Bigwig website through the WayBack Machine.[2] The original image shown on the website featured a red abstract artwork, with the file name "goblin.jpg". According to the executive producer from Bigwig, it was a cover art he suggested, but the image was never used in print. In 2003, that image on the website was replaced with the standard cover-less CD.[3]

A picture of a signed copy of a cover-less CD is shown here.


You can download a Perfect Rip of the EP here: