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Evanescence EP
EP by Evanescence
Released December 29, 1998[1]
January 2, 1999[2]
Recorded 1998
Length 30:42
Label Bigwig Enterprises (distributor)
Producer Ben Moody, Jason Jones (co-producer)
Evanescence chronology
Sound Asleep
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Evanescence is the first EP by Evanescence, when it was Amy Lee and Ben Moody, released in 1998.[1][2] Bigwig Enterprises was credited as distributor.[2] Amy and Ben first sold the EP to acquaintances and family as support in December 1998. They then sold it at a January 1999 live show at Vino's in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a printed CD-R. The EP sold out that night for $15 each. Only 100 copies of the EP were made.[2] Amy said in 2011 that this EP was a compilation of demos from when Evanescence started out.[3]

The cover features the sculpture Angel of Grief by William Wetmore Story.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Where Will You Go?" (Evanescence EP version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 3:53
2. "Solitude"  Amy Lee, Ben Moody 5:44
3. "Imaginary" (Evanescence EP version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 4:01
4. "Exodus"  Amy Lee, Ben Moody 3:03
5. "So Close"  William Boyd, Ben Moody, Matt Outlaw 4:29
6. "Understanding" (Evanescence EP version)Amy Lee, Ben Moody 7:21
7. "The End"  Amy Lee, Ben Moody 2:00
Total length:




  • Amy Lee - vocals, piano, keyboards, arrangements
  • Ben Moody - guitars, drums, keyboards, programming, arrangements



These are original concept art images from an unknown source. The front insert is the single image on one side and blank on the other. The back insert is the same way. The disc has the four 'E' designs screened in black on a silver CD-R.


You can download a Perfect Rip of the EP here:

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