Live at Vino's 1999

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Screenshot of seventeen year old Amy Lee from the DVD.

In April 2009, bootleg DVD copies of an Evanescence gig went up for sale on eBay. The DVD features Evanescence's show at Vino's in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 7, 1999, recorded "with a semi-good camcorder by a fan".

Set List

  1. Intro
  2. Whisper
  3. Imaginary
  4. Where Will You Go
  5. Unknown Title
  6. Exodus
  7. Give Unto Me
  8. Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult Cover)
  9. Understanding
  10. Lies
  11. Solitude





The full performance can be watched on YouTube here.

Audio files for download may be downloaded here.