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Choir who provided background vocals on Evanescence's Fallen and The Open Door. This prestigious Los Angeles choir has also performed at the Vatican and various other locations in Italy.

The choir includes vocalists who have helped artists such as Don Henley, Miles Davis, Elton John, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson on their music.

The choir parts were arranged by Amy Lee on Evanescence's first two studio albums.[1][2] The choir was recorded at Capitol Studios for The Open Door.[2]


 Susan Youngblood
 Talaya Trigueros
 Mary Gaffney
 Alyssa Campbell
 Bebe Gordon
 Melanie Bruno
 Dwight Stone
 Eric Castro
 Darryl Phinnessee
 Tamara Bernard
 Kevin Dalby
 Marcella Carmona
 Tania Themmen
 Joanne Paratore
 Lisa Wall-Urgero

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