Childish Intentions (demo cassette)

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Childish Intentions
Demo cassette by Evanescence
Recorded 1997–1998
Label None
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Childish Intentions is a demo cassette which is described by Ben Moody as the "first demo ever".[1] It features three tracks: "Solitude", "Understanding" and a track titled "Track 3". Ben said, "I love the juxtaposition of such methodical melodramatic titles to the refusal to put forth any effort whatsoever in to the naming of Track 3."[1]

Solitude and Understanding were re-recorded for Evanescence EP, as the recording of Solitude was not multitrack, and couldn't be used as an instrumental (The End). It is possible that the version of Understanding on this cassette is the EP outtake/acoustic version, as they were recorded around the same time, although it is much likely an earlier recording which is yet to be heard.

Track listing

  1. "Solitude"
  2. "Understanding"
  3. Track 3

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