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Studio album by Jen Majura
Released November 24, 2017
Recorded August 2017; Gernhart Studio, Troisdorf, Germany
Genre Hard Rock
Length 40:13
Label SAOL - Service For Artist Owned Labels
Producer Jen Majura, Martin Buchwalter
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Jen Majura
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InZENity is Jen Majura's second solo album that was released on November 24, 2017. It was announced in May 2017 that she was recording the album in August and planned to release it in November the same year. The crowd-funding campaign went live on July 26th and ran until September 25th with the total goal being $8,000.00. Less than 24 hours after going live, the goal had already been reached. At the end of the campaign, over $30,000.00 was raised for the album.

Only a few of the songs have been performed live at music conventions. However, with Jen's other project, Something On 11 with Alen Brentini, she plans on adding some of the songs to the setlist when they go on tour in 2019.


The recording of InZENity took place at Gernhart Studio in Troisdorf, Germany during August 2017.


The album artwork was photographed by Tom Row of Frontrow Images. Watch a behind the scenes video of the shoot from Jen's YouTube channel.

Jen explained that the black and white theme on the album was inspired by the music's diversity:

Vin1.jpg It's 'InZENity' because you find your inner peace, your inner zen, as soon as you accept and acknowledge all those opposites inside of each of us, like black and white. You have mellow and happy, fast and slow, and all those different opposites together give you that inner calmness. That's my inzenity that I found in this album, because the opposites are not only in the black-and-white artwork, it's in the songs that I picked to record, it's in each song. I tried to be very dynamic. A lot of songs nowadays lose dynamics, so I really wanted to keep the verses so smooth and sweet and then go, like, 'Oh my God. Here's a big chorus that changed the entire song!' and then go back to the very sweet verse. So, it's the whole philosophy in everywhere.[1] Vin2.jpg

Track List

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "All the Other Ones" (feat. Jeff Waters)Jen Majura 3:58
2. "InZENity" (feat. Jan Zehrfeld)Jen Majura 3:35
3. "Leave Me"  Jen Majura 3:38
4. "Drama Queen"  Jen Majura 4:03
5. "Bully Lies" (feat. Mattias IA Eklundh and Nico Schliemann)Jen Majura, Dennis Hormes 2:57
6. "Lied ohne Namen"  Jen Majura 3:52
7. "Sick Brain" (feat. Alex Skolnick)Jen Majura 3:23
8. "Stupid Piece of Wood"  Jen Majura 3:08
9. "Tobi Didn'T Show Up For Breakfast"  Jen Majura 3:39
10. "Like Chuck Norris"  Jen Majura, Dennis Hormes 4:03
11. "Far Away"  Jen Majura 3:52
Total length:


  • Jen Majura - Producer, Lyrics, Vocals & Guitar
  • Martin Buchwalter - Producer
  • Jens-Ulrich Handreka - Bass
  • Felix Lehrmann - Drums
  • Thomas Brucke - Percussion

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