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The Ultimate Collection book.

The Ultimate Collection book was released as part of The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set. It contains never before seen photos, lyrics, journal pages, designs and sketches from the Origin era up until the Evanescence era.

List of contents


The cover of the book takes up the theme of the outer space. In the center, the word "The Ultimate Collection Book" is printed in gold.

Inside cover

It contains the famous 'e' logo.

Origin section (pp. 1-5)

Amy's sketch for the Going Under costume.
  • Origin cover (p. 1)
  • Overlapping lyrics (Whisper and My Immortal) and images taken from the Origin booklet. Handwritten lyrics of Imaginary (pp. 2-3)
  • Group of images taken from the Origin photoshoot, the famous cemetery photo and screaming Amy. Handwritten lyrics of Exodus and Field of Innocence (pp. 4-5)

Fallen section (pp. 6-19)

  • Fallen cover. Amy's self-portrait drawing with handwritten lyrics of Everybody's Fool above (pp. 6-7)
  • Handwritten lyrics of Bring Me to Life and Taking Over Me (pp. 8-9)
  • Two-page images from the Fallen photoshoot (pp. 10-11)
  • Sequence of screenshots taken from the Going Under video and a sketch of the costume worn by Amy in the video. Sequence of screenshots taken from the My Immortal video and a photo taken during the video shoot, credited to Amy Lee (pp. 12-13)
  • Various photos from the Fallen photoshoot and handwritten lyrics of Haunted (pp. 14-15)
  • Various photos of the Fallen photoshoot and handwritten lyrics of My Last Breath (pp. 16-17)
  • A photo from the Fallen photoshoot. Sketches of the Princess Corpse dress, handwritten lyrics of Going Under and photos of Amy at the 2004 Grammy Awards. (pp. 18-19)

The Open Door section (pp. 20-37)

TOD Concept.png
  • The Open Door cover. Kodak photo of the set with Amy's annotated concept for the cover design (pp. 20-21)
Vin1.jpg Next album idea

"The Opened Door"
Old black + white photo, from inside an almost pitck black room, a door halfway open and a beautiful colored world peeking through, shining the only light into the black room

*(floor covered with fish glossy & wet - some flapping)


  • Collage of photos taken during the shooting of the Call Me When You're Sober video. Handwritten lyrics of CMWYS with a photo from the video set side by side (pp. 22-23)
  • Promotional photo of The Open Door era. Handwritten lyrics of Lithium and a image taken from the video (pp. 24-25)
  • Handwritten lyrics of Lacrymosa with a promotional photo from the Open Door era (pp. 24-25)
  • Various promotional photos of The Open Door era and handwritten lyrics of Snow White Queen (pp. 28-29)
  • Several promotional photos of The Open Door era and handwritten lyrics of Lose Control and The Only One (pp. 30-31)
  • Various promotional photos of The Open Door era and handwritten lyrics of Sweet Sacrifice (pp. 32-33)
  • Several promotional photos of The Open Door era, including photos taken during the shooting of the Good Enough video and handwritten lyrics of Your Star (pp. 34-35)
  • Pages dedicated to one of the dresses designed by Amy, with photos, sketches and notes from the singer (pp. 36-37)

Evanescence section (pgg. 38-51)

Amy's sketch of Evanescence.
Vin1.jpg Black bkgd.

Evanescence classic font 3/4 of the way up in the frame, light (bluish white) pouring toward you from within letters. Prism / metallic hyper rainbow colored small lowercase backwards letters evenly spaced across bottom. Black CD, black underside. Lowercase letters - e v a n e s c e n c e - (evanescence) evenly spaced, facing in, around outside - in natural CD underside color, like its etched or like the rest is coated and its blank. Back of CD. Very colorful. Fuchsia and electic blue. All plays on light/smoke/vapor/ track listing


  • Several promotional photos of Amy Lee from the Evanescence era (pp. 40-41)
  • Several promotional photos of the band and handwritten lyrics of Never Go Back (pp. 42-43)
  • Several promotional photos, graphics and drawings from the Evanescence era and handwritten lyrics of Oceans and New Way to Bleed (pp. 44-45)
  • Two promotional photos of Amy from the Evanescence era, tracklist with the original working titles and drawings by Amy Lee (pp. 46-47)
  • Promotional photo of the band and handwritten lyrics of Sick (pp. 48-49)
  • Large photo concert and a drawing of snails leaving a trail of stars (pp. 50-51)

Credits (p. 52)

Page with a photo of Evanescence during a concert (taken by David Steward) and credits.

  • Compilation producer: Mark Copeland
  • Mastering: George Horn and Anne-Marie Suenram at Fantasy Studios
  • Mastering Supervision: Chris Clough
  • Editorial: Ryan Jebavy
  • Project Assistance: Maureen Bacon, Jennier Peters, Brian Shuman, Sig Sigworth, Willi Wisely
  • Management: Jordan Berliant, Jodi Emond, Corey Crossfield & Mark Gorlick for Revelation Management Group
  • Art director: Carrie Smith
  • Package design: Kassandra Mondoe, Carrie Smith and Amy Lee
  • Packaging Concept: Andrew Pham
  • Photography: Chapman Baehler (pp. 39-44, 46-48), Amy Bennett (pp. 2-left, 5), Amy V. Cooper (pp. 32-33, 35-left), SGranitz/WireImage/Getty Images (p. 19-top, right), Rocky Gray (p. 1), Paul Harries (pp. 16-17, 36-37), Peter Klein (35-right), Karl Larsen (pp. 22-23, 25), Amy Lee (p. 2-right, 13-bottom), Ben Moody Sr. (p. 4-top), Frank Ockenfels (pp. 20-21, 24, 26-32, 34), David Steward (pp. 50-52), Frank Veronsky (6, 9-11, 14-15, 17).

The gramophone statuette and logos are registered trademarks of The Recording Academy® and are used under license.

  • Video stills: "Going Under" (p. 12), "Bring Me to Life" (p. 13-top)
  • All sketches and handwritten lyrics: Amy Lee

Inside cover

Two-page inside cover that with the outer space creating the classic 'e' logo of the band. It's similar to the introductory one but with the logo on the left page.

Back cover

The outer space overlapping Amy Lee's face.

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