The Ultimate Collection

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The Ultimate Collection
Box set by Evanescence
Released 9 December 2016 (cancelled)
17 February 2017[1]
Recorded 2000-2016
Label The Bicycle Music Company
Producer Various
Evanescence chronology
The Ultimate Collection
Lost Whispers
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Collection vinyl box set that contains all Evanescence discography from Origin to 2016. It also contains a 52 page casebound book, with collectable art portfolio that includes never before seen handwritten lyrics and art. Aside from official albums, it also has the Lost Whispers new album, which contains all the B-sides of the last albums, a new version of Even In Death and the long sought-after Lost Whispers (the song used as an intro for the 2009 shows).[2]

Vin1.jpg It was actually really cool to reconnect with the history of the band, because it’s been a minute now. I’m 34, and I think we started making Evanescence music when I was, I don’t know, a young teenager. So there’s a big history, and there’s a large volume of music.

It’s cool, it feels really good to be able to listen back just at the body of work and be like, “Wow, this is cool. I did something with my life.” And there are things from the oldest stuff especially where I would never do that now. Like oh, my gosh, we were trying to sound like some crazy orchestral Metallica thing, I don’t know.

But I was cringing at moments; I have to be honest. I’m listening back at that stuff and cringing. But as a fan, I love it.[3]


The box set was delayed to January 2017 due to the manufacturer. To make up for the disappointment, Amy signed and send out exclusive posters immediately to all those who have pre-ordered it.[4][5]


The Open Door

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Side A
  1. Sweet Sacrifice
  2. Call Me When You're Sober
  3. Weight of the World
  4. Lithium
Side B
  1. Cloud Nine
  2. Snow White Queen
  3. Lacrymosa

Side C
  1. Like You
  2. Lose Control
  3. The Only One
Side D
  1. Your Star
  2. All That I'm Living For
  3. Good Enough

Casebound book

Exquisite-kfind.png See also: The Ultimate Collection Book
  • Unreleased photos
  • Songs lyrics transcripts made by hand
  • Artwork