My Coke Fest

From The Evanescence Reference
Evanescence at My Coke Fest 2007
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My Coke Fest is a music festival promoted by Coca-Cola in South Africa. It takes place on Johannesburg and on Cape Town.

Evanescence were part of the line-up of My Coke Fest 2007. Their concert was on 27th April, Johannesburg. Amy Lee also made a duet with Aaron Lewis from Staind, singing Epiphany.

From the Pfangirl ThroughThe Looking Glass blog:

Vin1.jpg As with Hoobastank, I was worried that one of my top 10 favourite bands was going to be disappointing live. The Anywhere But Here ‘Live’ CD was OK, but hardly brilliant. Again, thank heavens for misconceptions. Evanescence were awesome on stage. Just like Hoobastank, they started with the first track off their latest album – in this case Sweet Sacrifice. Lead singer Amy Lee was all over the stage for the next 90 minutes (when she wasn’t sitting at her piano, at least). Despite all her movement, the clarity of her voice was just as good as on her studio albums. The crowd went crazy every time she began her vocal gymnastics. After 2 Coke Fest line-ups that were essentially male-only affairs, it was great to cap the latest Fest with some quality female vocals onstage for the first time. Like Hoobastank, Evanescence were clearly there to please their local fans, and they certainly delivered. Vin2.jpg

2007 Line-up

  • Hoobastank
  • Staind
  • 3 Doors Down
  • Evanescence

2008 Line-up

  • Good Charlotte
  • Kaiser Chefs
  • Sound Garden and Audioslave front-man Chris Cornell
  • Muse
  • KOЯN
  • Prime Circle