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According to their website:

Ocean Way Recording is comprised of two studio complexes: Ocean Way Hollywood and Record One in Sherman Oaks.

Ocean Way /Record One, with six music mixing and scoring rooms, a mastering suite in partnership with JVC , is the most awarded studio complex on the West Coast. Ocean Way studios offer remarkable sounding rooms, plus unique custom equipment and impeccable electronic maintenance. Ocean Way features the largest exotic working tube microphone collection in the US "and a conscientious staff of professionals."

LA's Ocean Way/Record One studios recorded the Record of the Year three years in a row starting with Bonnie Raitt's "Nick of Time," followed by Natalie Cole's "Unforgettable," and Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" (The Bodyguard). The studios have won many Mix magazine's Studio of the Year TEC Awards for technical excellence and creativity. Exquisite albums such as Quincy Jones "Back on The Block", and Michael Jackson's "Bad," "Dangerous," and "History," all of which won Grammies for the best engineered record of the year, attest to our truly "State of The Art" facility.

Our attention to detail and the ability to accommodate diverse sessions is a major factor in Ocean Way's 25 years of continued success. Whether it's a 50-piece scoring session, a multi-channel film mix, or a rock tracking date, we take pride in delivering the same care and precision to insure a "smooth session." Ocean Way provides the service, efficiency and quality conducive to the creation of memorable music.

Ocean Way Los Angeles

Dave Fortman recorded overdubs and mixed Evanescence's second studio album, The Open Door, at the Los Angeles studio in March 2006.[1]

Ocean Way Nashville

The orchestra for Evanescence's fourth studio album, Synthesis was recorded at the Nashville studio in May 2017, with David Campbell present for the arrangement.[2]

The band have also used the studio to record their cover of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain in October 2019. In the same session they recorded the bulk of their cover of the Beatles's Across the Universe.

The band used it again to record strings for their fifth album, The Bitter Truth.[3]

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