Summer Sonic

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Summer Sonic, also known as Supersonic, is an annual two- or three-day rock festival held at the same time in Osaka and Chiba, Japan. The majority of the bands playing in Osaka the first day go to Chiba the following day and vice versa. The line-up contains Japanese rock musicians from major and independent record companies, plus international acts. In 2017, the festival was expanded to include Shanghai, China.

Summer Sonic 2023

Summer Sonic 2023 line-up poster.

Evanescence are scheduled to play at the festival for the first time on 19th August in Osaka, and 20th August in Tokyo.[1][2]

Summer Sonic Osaka 2023


Summer Sonic Tokyo 2023

This show was livestreamed in Japan.


  1. Artifact/The Turn (Intro)
  2. Broken Pieces Shine
  3. What You Want
  4. Going Under
  5. Take Cover
  6. Call Me When You're Sober
  7. Lithium
  8. Wasted on You
  9. Whisper (first time since 2019)
  10. End of the Dream
  11. Better Without You
  12. Imaginary
  13. Use My Voice
  14. My Immortal
  15. Bring Me to Life