Take Cover

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All That I'm Living For
Anything for You
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Take Cover
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Use My Voice
Wasted on You
Weight of the World
What You Want
Where Will You Go?
Yeah Right
You Got a Lot to Learn
Your Love
Your Star
* Cover songs

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General information

Written by: TBC

Take Cover is the ninth track from Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth. It made its debut during the live shows of the 2016 U.S. Fall Tour. It was performed for the first time on October 28, 2016 at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The following day, the band released the lyrics on their official Facebook page.[1]

The song was originally worked on the Lillywhite sessions for the self-titled album, but scrapped by the band's then label, Wind-up Records. Steve Lillywhite confirmed in his Twitter account on October 31, 2016 that the song was recorded in 2010 before the studio sessions which eventually led to the development of the band's self-titled record.[2] Amy also confirmed it on a BUILD Series interview in 2017:[3]

Vin1.jpg We made Take Cover before the last album. So as probably for the people in this room must to know that when we made Ev3, like before we put it out, we were working on a project that was like another version of it that didn’t work out and then we went back and wrote a bunch of more songs and included some of those. But we mostly made a new record that was full-on rock. It was this other style thing. So in Take Cover you can probably hear that the style is a little bit different, it's a little bit more attitude. And I don’t know how to define it exactly, but it comes from that batch of songs, same as Made of Stone and Swimming Home. Vin2.jpg

Before performing the song each night, Amy said that it's "dedicated to everyone who tried to tear this band apart from the inside out".

In an interview with Team Rock that was published on November 16, 2016, Amy explained why they added the song to their set list in the light of the release of The Ultimate Collection box set:

Vin1.jpg When we got together the guys were really strongly supportive of it, we had a song in the bank. And we were like, 'You know what the fans would really love is a new song. That's all they ever ask for. So we knocked the dust off an old song called Take Cover that we had in the bank for a while and we loved it. It's one of our favourite moments every night on the tour. I think they like it a lot. I posted the lyrics on Facebook and now I get at least five people in the front row mouthing along, which is extra fun.[4] Vin2.jpg

The song was confirmed to be recorded for The Bitter Truth when producer Nick Raskulinecz posted an Instagram photo with Will Hunt's drum snare with the song title written on it in August 2020.[5] In an interview with Nylon in June, Amy mentioned a song from the early Evanescence album sessions being "completely reformed into a special new thing."[6]


Studio versions:

Take Cover

  • Recording date: July - November 2020
  • Status: To be released
  • Released On: The Bitter Truth (Track #9)
  • Length: 3:17

Take Cover [Lillywhite sessions]

Live versions:

Take Cover [Live]

  • Status: Unreleased
  • Performing period: October - November 2016; April 2017; May 2019
  • Example: South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX, USA (October 28, 2016)


See the video on YouTube [1]


Live version

By the way that you talk to me
I can see the lie you're dreaming I'll believe
By the way, don't you forget who you are now
cause that's not your name

You'd better take cover
(Cause I'm on my way now)
I'm coming back to take your world down
Move over, if you can
Or you're gonna wish that you did

Slave to your insecurity
That's what drove you down in the first place
but you haven't learned a thing
Caught in your thick web of lies
Gonna be the bitch you make me out to be

Oh you'd better take cover
(Nothing you can say now)
You underestimated my wrath
Move over, if you can
I'm gonna give the love back

Take cover
(Cause I'm on my way now)
I'm gonna have to take you all down
Move over, if you can
Or you're gonna wish that you did