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The Bicycle Music Company was a record company which owned Evanescence's back catalogue from 2003's Fallen to 2011's Evanescence.[1] This is the result of Wind-up Records selling many of their company's back catalogue. Amy explained in a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone:

Vin1.jpg Everything's still the same for me; it's not like I no longer get paid any money when someone buys Fallen, but they sold it to somebody else. My back catalog is owned by this company Bicycle-Concord, and they're great, so there's nothing different there.[2] Vin2.jpg

In 2015, the Bicycle Music Company was merged with Concord Music Group to form the fully-integrated global music company called Concord Bicycle Music.[3] In 2017, Bicycle released Evanescence's The Ultimate Collection, a 6-LP box set containing the band's three studio albums plus Origin and a B-side compilation album Lost Whispers.[4]

In 2018, Lost Whispers was reissued on vinyl as a stand-alone release under Bicycle's reissue label, Craft Recordings.[5] All Evanescence's back catalogue is reissued by this label.

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