The Other Side

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General information

Written by: A. Lee, T. Balsamo and T. McCord

The Other Side is the fifth track from Evanescence's third studio album, Evanescence. It is described as song that has "thunderous mix of double-bass drums, churning, chunky guitars" and "Lee's ethereal, widescreen vocals" in an MTV article.[1] A sample of the track was shared with fans on July 13, 2011 on MTV's website.[1] On August 22, 2011, Amy went to Toronto's Liberty Studios to preview five mastered songs from Evanescence to a selected crowd of thirty people. The Other Side was one of the five previewed songs.[2][3]

During the interview in which the track was previewed, Amy talked about the song saying:

Vin1.jpg I wrote it with the guys. It was real collaborative. That was a hard one for me to write the lyrics for, because I had the chorus — it's very epic and dramatic; 'Counting the days to meet you on the other side' — but then, the verses, again, that element of fun is coming back in, you know, the band, it's grooving... so I'm like, 'How do I sing about death in a way that's sort of bitchy?' Like, it's not really possible ... it's hard to explain. But it's harder than it sounds.[1] Vin2.jpg

In a track-by-track with she added:

Vin1.jpg This is one that evolved over time too. We had the start for it from one session a few month before and it wasn't finished. Then we worked on it with the band and it really grew into something.

This is a cool song that we all really love, I think as a group it's one of our favorites, on the record and to play too, it's a really fun song to play. It's about loss, but not so much mourning for the dead as much as comitting yourself to being together again in another life.[4]


On August 17, 2011 The Other Side was premiered live at Evanescence's Nashville show.[5] It was also played at the 2011 Rock in Rio festival on October 2.[6] The song was later added to the set-list to support Evanescence in 2011 and 2012.[7][8][9]


Studio versions:

The Other Side

  • Recording Date: February 2011 - July 2011
  • Status: Released
  • Released On: Evanescence (track #5)
  • Length: 4:05

The Other Side [Radio edit]

  • Recording date: February 2011 - July 2011
  • Status: Released
  • Released on: "The Other Side" promotional single
  • Length: 3:59

Live versions:

The Other Side [Live]

  • Performing period: August 17, 2011 - November 9, 2012; November 2015; April - November 2016; April 2017
  • Example: War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville (August 17, 2011)


Make me whole again
Open your eyes
Taunted by the shadows of your light
Cold and far away
like you're not even mine
Undo everything and take me higher
Never believing what they say cause I’m

Counting the days to meet you on the other side
I will always be waiting
until the day that I see you on the other side
Come and take me home

I’m not giving in
I want you back
holding together by the shards of our past
Stole my heart away
I can’t let you go
Break these chains and let me fly to you
high above the world below
Over and over in my mind

Counting the days to meet you on the other side
I will always be waiting
until the day that I see you on the other side
Come and take me home

I am so lost without my place inside your heart
I won't survive I need to know you hear me
Awaken and release my love

Counting the days to meet you on the other side
I will always be waiting
until the day that I see you on the other side
Come and take me
Counting the days to meet you on the other side
I will always be waiting
until the day that I see you on the other side
Come and take me home

Lyric video

"The Other Side" lyric video

A lyric video of "The Other Side" was released on August 30, 2012 on Evanescence's VEVO channel. The video can be watched on YouTube here.

Radio release

"The Other Side" was confirmed by Amy to be released to Active Rock radio in an interview with Fuse, also stating that no music video would be made for it.[10] It impacted Modern Rock radio on June 11, 2012,[11] and Alternative radio on June 12, 2012.[12]

US Radio Promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-Up WUJC 20280-2

  1. "The Other Side" [Radio edit] (3:59)

Like the "Made of Stone" single, it comes in a full sized jewel case with no front insert, and identical artwork. It features a radio edit, which is almost the same as the album version, with the only difference being that the drum intro is cut.

Chart performance

On the US Mainstream Rock Songs chart, "The Other Side" peaked at number 36. The song was on the chart for nine weeks.[13]

Chart (2012)
US Mainstream Rock Songs (Billboard)[13] 36


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