Beth Wilson

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Beth Wilson and Amy
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Beth Wilson is the hair and make-up stylist for Evanescence. She has been with the band since the beginning and is very close friends with them. Beth's grandparents came over to America from Norway, which means she is 25% Norwegian. She told some Norwegian fans she know one word; "uffameien". This means something like "ouch". It might not be a very important detail, but it is fun to know for Scandinavian fans.

She is well known amongst Evanescence fans who have seen the live DVD, Anywhere But Home, for her sense of humor and natural likability. To which in turn has made her a much loved part of the Evanescence touring crew amongst the fans.

Also, besides being the bands personal Hair & Make-up artist she is also a close friend of Amy's. This is proved in several different sources, most obvious of which that Amy quotes her in both Fallen and The Open Door's "Thank You" section's as being one of her "close and fun girlfriends".