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Restore Freedom
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Restore is a nonprofit organization making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States. In 2010, the purpose of Restore was to open a "safe house" in New York to give a house to those survived from sex trafficking, and a safe place for the recovery and the change to a healthy and normal life.[1] The amount set by Restore was $50.000.[1] Restore signed the contract of the new safehouse's location on September 2, 2010.[2]

Amy's Support

Amy in the safehouse with Josh and @plunkosante

Amy Lee helped the cause; in her page on the Restore website[3] she posted this announcement:

Vin1.jpg Hi!

Thank you for visiting my page. Sex trafficking enslaves thousands of women today in my home city- it's heartbreaking. Please join me in helping to end modern day slavery in New York City by donating whatever you can to my friends at Restore. The work they are doing to rescue victims of sex trafficking is so important. Your donation will help Restore provide a safe house for victims to live, recover, and receive critical long-term aftercare services. This month, every dollar you give will be matched by an anonymous donor, doubling your money and the impact it will have on women who desperately need our help. To find out more about Restore, visit and to give, click the green "Donate" button on this page. Thanks for taking the time to read this and PLEASE GIVE!

Love, Amy


On September 10, 2010, Amy had the first meal in the safe house whilst it was still under construction[4][5]:

Vin1.jpg Had the first meal with @AmyLeeEv @plunkosante Josh & Norma in the safehouse last night. We got lots of work to do Vin2.jpg

On September 28th, Amy posted again[6]:

Vin1.jpg Thank you all so so much for your heart and generosity. The money was raised and the safe-house will be up and running soon. It's really inspiring to see how much good there is in people out there, all over. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this with you. Thank you. Vin2.jpg

On October 1, Restore announced in a thank you video that Amy donated a piano to the safe house and that she would teach music to the survivors.

Amy was an official supporter of the "Second Annual Freedom Gala" held on March 24, 2011.[7] It was believed that she had attended the gala and also performed, but this turned out to be a rumour.[8] The purpose of the gala was to raise $200,000 to provide housing and included services for foreigners who survived the sex trafficking.[9] Zach Williams performed during the gala, playing original songs inspired by Restore's work.

Inspiration on "My Heart is Broken"

Exquisite-kfind.png See also: My Heart Is Broken

Amy's involvement with the organisation inspired her and Zach to write "My Heart is Broken" off Evanescence's third album, Evanescence. This is what Amy said about the song:

Vin1.jpg A good friend of mine heads up an organisation in New York that rescues victims of sex trafficking. My husband and I got involved and were really moved and horrified. As I was writing the song I was putting myself in that place - what would it be like to be trapped? Threatened? Alone? Unable to tell anyone what was happening because you're afraid of what would happen?[10] Vin2.jpg

Amy, Paula Cole and Ashley Arrison during the Freedom Gala

Restore Freedom Gala 2012

On April 10, 2012, the third annual Restore Freedom Gala was held at City Winery in New York.[11] The event was held to support the modern-day abolitionist movement and give a voice to survivors of sex trafficking, and featured an acoustic performance by Amy Lee, Paula Cole and Ashley Arrison. Both Paula and Ashley heard about the event through Amy and were inspired to participate in the annual Restore NYC gala after learning more about sex trafficking.[12] This was the setlist of the performance:[13]

  1. "My Heart Is Broken" (Amy Lee feat. Paula Cole and Ashley Arrison)
  2. "Caged Bird" (Ashley Arrison feat. Amy Lee)
  3. "Everybody Hurts" (Amy Lee, Paula Cole and Ashley Arrison)
  4. "I Don’t Want to Wait" (Paula Cole feat. Amy Lee and Ashley Arrison)

The audio of this performance can be heard here and here.

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